Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A midweek slump and Konad nails attempt 17.5

Sweater Express (I don't normally shop there and last time was a year ago in Vegas because they had an INSANE sale and I got a bunch of stuff. My besty and I joked how it the store you got and buy a "suit" your senior year of college to wear "interviewing" ahahaahaha)
Pants Gap they have a nice little crease down front (but NO you can't see that either)
Boots Target Frye knockoffs
Turtleneck H&M
2 sets bangles and earrings gifts
Pandora bracelet and Tiffany bracelet
Barrette my mom made for me.
IMG_1318use this onetarget frye boots
I need to find a new spot. I can't do it at work anymore. There has been someone in all my spots the past month and these stack ones show little to no detail. This morning Dave actually PROCLAIMED (yes proclaimed)
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT he kept gushing about it. The pants are a bit flarey and the sweater has bat wings and I have a deep plum turtleneck on under it. But can you see any of that? Or that I have my hair pulled back on one side very 1970's (to go with the bat wings?) nope. Or that my eyeliner is the exact color of my turtleneck?

But I really liked this outfit.

There was one more undocumented Konad nails attempt.They were MAGNIFICENT. It was white lace fishnets and it was so pretty. Why aren't you seeing them? OH BECAUSE (gah) I was putting the top clear coat to seal it all when the fire alarm started going off. I am talking horns blaring lights flashing evacuate the building kind. So I ran around like a chicken with a head cut off (which is a true analogy and I can tell you about it sometime if you are interested. ha) I threw on heeled boots with my pjs and ran outside. I totally ruined my nails in the process. I could of screamed. Oh course it was some dumbass burning something. The thing is though you have to have a real smoke going to trip the building alarm. You can burn it and set off yours in your apartment but it takes something like a minute or two of continuous burning before it trips the buildings settings off. Not that we ever burn anything. No not cheese on a frying pan last night. NO.

I would like to take the time to politely ask people to stop saying the phrase "I don't have the patience for that" yes you might but I don't need to know it and I am telling the hello kitty's honest truth that my nails take a matter of mere moments. I have ADD I leave things and wander off daily. If you don't have two minutes in your day I don't know what to tell you but it certainly has nothing to do with patience. This irks the same spot that "Oh your so lucky you have X" When in fact it has nothing to do with luck but say saving up money over a very long period of time. It is hard work not luck. thankyouverymuch. Luck would be if I found money on the ground then bought shoes. Sorry I know, but it irks me. A LOT.

I have this big post I have been writing in my head for two days and I am really torn on it. I don't know if I should post it. I mean I want to but I don't want to be whiny. It is kinda my introduction to fashion and being hurt by someone dear to me. The reason I am even saying this I am a blurter. I say something out loud that is bothering me and I am able to move on. I have been really having a hard time about something and I am "hoping" if I "get it out there" I can finally have closure. I mean this is my personal blog like it or lump it right (3 lumps of sugar please)


Anonymous said...

I think you should say it.

Also, I totally know what you mean about express. lol.

Also, I went shopping this weekend and bought this amazing cardi at NY and Co ONLY because you told me to shop there. I NEVER went in there before you.

I've also been looking for Heidi Klum earings because of you, too. that too Single White Female-ish?


hillary said...

heidi's line is defunct! Check ebay!

hillary said...

Lorena said...

You want to move on, you gotta let go.
When you look back you won't even believe it ever bothered you.
I like this look on you, it's comfortable and you look perfectly polished ! Pretty Hillary !

Beatrice said...

Hillary, say what's on your mind if you want, whether you think it's whiny or whatever. You will likely have closure, and who knows---someone out there might have gone through something similar.
Anyhoo, I love this outfit too! The details, like the way you did your hair and the layering of bracelets, are fab.

Lisa said...

You should totally say what's on your mind. It is your blog after all! Hopefully you feel better now that you've gotten it out there.

Chelsea said...

If you feel the urge to share it, do it! You can delete it later if you want. This is your space, so treat it how you want :)

And I looooove this outfit and the hair that I can see in your closeup! Fantabulous sweater... and those earrings are just the right amount of funky and delicate.

Oh, and, I have a question regarding the "patience" thing. I suck at doing my own nails (even just one color!) not so much because of the application (though that sucks too... but the f-ed up parts come off in the shower!), but because of the not-being-able-to-use-my-hands for like an hour after. Do you have a miracle drying method, or what? Teach me your method, woman! Because even if I do my nails perfectly, I end up bumping into shit and screwing it all up in the end.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love your sweater! The whole outfit looks great with the slim pants and boots et al. I think I have some of the same turtlenecks from H&M, they are So comfy. The sweater really sets off your hair color.

I am going to second everyone else and say you should say what it is that is bothering you.

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

i absolutely ADORE those earrings. they are too awesome.

Clare said...

The sleeves on that sweater are perfection. Per.Fec.Tion.

hillary said...

howdy all! Thanks. let me say it was just people saying it ALL THE TIME that was getting to me also without tone if comes across as "i have better things to do with my time" and I am sure many didn't mean it but after the 50th time I was just getting frazzled. No harm love you all!