Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The man behind the woman behind byhillary

Lots of blogs do interviews with other bloggers in hopes to introduce you to someone you might not know about.I thought I would do it to (monkey see monkey do. ooooh shiny eeeeeee eeee)

In my first installment I would like to introduce you to....

my husband he is cute
mr matilda is not a joiner

Thank you for agreeing to do this. First tell me a bit about yourself. Age? Occupation? Hobbies? Pets?
I am 30 years old. I work in architecture and I go to school full time. I don't have any kids but I do have two cats that are very much like kids. I am really looking forward to school being done this December so I can figure out what my hobbies are. I kind of feel like I lost myself somewhere in the process.

How did you meet Hillary? (Not a trick question)
Oh man. She was the mysterious friend from Florida of a girl I was dating. Talk about taboo. It's funny because all the qualities I thought the girl I was dating had, she didn't. But Hillary did. Lets just say I had a big crush on Angela Chase.

I hear you designed and maintain byhillary, tell me what was your idea behind the design for the blog?
what was the question, sorry.
Did you just type that? Yeah leave that. The original three versions of the site (We started in 2002) were my take on a blog for Hillary but I feel the current incarnation is more of a representation of Hillary. Minus the rainbows.
And unicorns.
And monkeys.
But otherwise it is pretty close.

What do you think about this whole "blogging" thing. I have heard you don't even have a Facebook account.(I have had mine since 2004! I worked at one of the pilot schools for it) Does it bother you to be talked about?
It doesn't really. I actually really like that fact that Hillary has a hobby or interest or whatever you want to call it. I am impressed and surprised on a pretty regular basis by the things she posts on her blog. I like that fact that someone I know so well has distinctly different interest and has developed quite the network of online acquaintances. The Facebook thing is strange to me. I can easily see myself doing it and wasting lots of time. But I don't like the idea of the first stages where it is undeveloped and that is how people see you and judge you and know you. I don't mind you knowing about me but I don't want you to think you know me based on a few snippets.

That leads well into my next question.
Do you read the posts? The comments?
I do. I subscribed to the posts and somehow I became subscribed to the comments. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story after we do something over the weekend. Sometimes you say exactly what I would expect and other times I am surprised by the things I missed that made an impact on you.

Do you read any other blogs?
Religiously no. I go through periods where I will have googled something nerdy for work and I might go back once or twice. I have a hard time keeping interest when new posts don't come regularly.

What do you think people you have met via blogging? You and I have met 7 or 8 at this point.
Aside from the one time....
it is actually a better way to meet people than in real life. Think about it, it is a group of people that have already proven to have similar interests. If you work with someone or see someone regularly it is harder to avoid them if you don't get along or see eye to eye. Online you can just disappear. Except for that one time....

What do you think about fashion? Any trend you hate? Any you really like?
Uggs and leggings as pants. NO pajama pants. Seriously I don't want to see you out and about in the same thing you sleep in. The part that really bothers me is you going out and about then going home and climbing into bed in your nasty ass pajama pants.
Even if you're hot the leggings is pants is kinda weird, too much information before I even know you.
I like that style is making a resurgence in small little pockets. You still see the baggy pants and the ghettoy jackets (except now they have M&M's on them) but there are definitely occasions where people look stylish and pulled together. I like hats, I like vests and I really like themes, like when someone dresses 1920's or 1950's but in smart way.

Do you care about your own clothing? Any style role models?
I do care about style but I am not sure what that means for me right now. I have never been into trends (a Hillary aside here. He totally was into the airwalks, long sleeve thermals and tshirts in the mid 90's and that was totally a trend) I have always been into clean crisp and moder. Think Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein but on a budget which I realize doesn't work.

What is your background in fashion?
0. Zero. Well formally none. But I am sucker for design and every form that it takes. I am just as interested in a finally crafted watch as a well tailored jacket as a smartly designed building as a cleanly designed website. So specifically fashion. No background. But design yes.

I hear you taught Hillary how to make jewelry, that you can sew and worked at Ann Taylor. You don't consider that a background?
*laughs* I never really thought of it that way.

What is your favorite color? (Hey SOMEONE might want to know)
It depends on who is asking. Yes I am kinda like that.

What do you hope for Hillary to get get from blogging? Any goals you have in mind for her? (me)
Specifically no goals. But I love the fact that she has an interest, a hobby and something she feels passionate about. Sometimes I feel guilty about the fact that I know what I want to do and I enjoy doing it and I see blogging either becoming or leading to Hillary's "THING".

Ever consider starting your own blog?

Any personal goals for the year?
Finish school. Go somewhere interesting and do something fun. And eat more cupcakes.

And lastly anything you would like us to know about you?
Sometimes people are quiet because they are introverts and not because they are calculating. I don't like being judged for being quiet.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you! I hope I can do a outfit post for you someday!


Emily Kennedy said...

Yay! He's cute AND an introvert! So are me and my husband. Being quiet is an art form! And being an introvert makes for strangely great study habits.

Totally Inspired said...

That was an excellent post.. and Thanks to Dave for being a great sport!

Kelly said...

hehe I love these sorts of posts. And your interview of him :)

Chelsea said...

awwwww. cute post :)

laniza said...

OMG you have to interview Daisyboo and Waffle next! :)