Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking for a show piece for your house?

Well I have just the thing for you! A giant floor doily! My mom HAND crocheted it from one of my great grandmothers patterns (For tiny doilies, like the ones you put on an end table or bureau). This was made by hand. I mean she stinking HAND KNOTTED this thing. No needle! She also hand dyed it. It is 100% organic cotton and 40 inches across.
I gotta be honest I want this puppy for myself but I literally have no where to put it. So please buy it and put in your home and take a picture so I can ooh and ahh. She is selling it for the insane price of $149.99 I have seen similar rugs that are made from cheap fibers selling for $400 and $600. I honestly think she could get more for it!

Buy it HERE.

This is a sponsored post and for compensation the sponsor gave me life. Because she is my mom.


Lorena said...

How cool is that... by looking at the picture i thought it was a miniature home.. :)

Heather said...

I unfortunately don't have a good spot for it but wowowowow!! Your mom has some serious talent!