Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Insert witty title here.

Dress with amazing top you can't really see and I need to take better pics of Target
Wool swing coat with awesome detailing that is lost here Target
PURPLE (not blue) tights American Apparel
Shoes Cole Haan
Necklace Marc Jacobs
Earrings I made

Please make them stopHillary made

I am kinda in love with this dress. I have not been buying things lately so it was a bit hard to plunk down the cash but I couldn't imagine not taking it home with me. I had a nice weekend. Dave and I went out for Thai food and Target on Saturday and got cupcakes and a friend sent me two french mixed cds. Sunday Dave had to go to an ice cream parlor to do a lighting assignment. I went for research purposes. (the research consisting of me shoving mint chocolate chip waffle cones down my pie hole.) Yesterday I was home sick. I haven't been sleeping and I have ANOTHER cold or something. I dunno. I didn't sleep at all last night. I am running on fumes (or ice latte and gum if you want to get technical about it.)

What did you do this weekend? Have any fun plans for this up coming week? (that we are already well into at this point)


Anonymous said...

Ha.....I was in trying that dress on two nights ago, my Target didn't have my size. But I love it.

Kelly said...

That dress IS amazing! I hope you feel better soon - that sounds awful.

This weekend BF and I went to visit a friend. In theory we were going so the guys could work on a car together, but on Saturday we just hung out, then on Sunday they realized they needed a part and none of the shops that would have it were open. So we pretty much just watched movies and played video games and junk. But Traci got to come too and she loved all the attention and his big snowy yard, so it worked out :)

Tonight I was supposed to go out to eat with a friend but we got a lot of snow so she doesn't want to drive (and I don't blame her). Thursday BF and I are supposed to start dance lessons!

Sal said...

The dress was worth the splurge - it's fantastic. And love it with the PURPLE (not blue) tights.

Lisa said...

Love the dress! Can't wait to see some more detailed pictures.

I don't have much going on this week, but next week is school vacation and I'm going to NYC!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

It is an awesome dress! Please shopping ban be over soon!

Clare said...

I love this outfit! It's so simple, but so classy and flattering and perfect. LOVE that dress!!

Lorena said...

Beautiful dress, I would wear this assemble in a heartbeat... down to the nail polish - loved it !
This weekend I am getting my car window repaired... I just hope it's not expensive.

hillary said...

Thanks ladies. The new Target collection is GORGEOUS. I wish they were a bit cheaper. $45 is a lot to me. But I loved it.

Loreana eeek I will pray to hello kitty it is cheap and easy.

Kelly dance lessons??? YOU HAVE TO BLOG IT

The polish is Mouse by American Apparel

Kelly said...

OH you know I will! We were SUPPOSED to start a few weeks ago, but things kept coming up - he had to stay late at work one Thursday, then car trouble, then... so I'm crossing my fingers it will finally work out this time! If you can believe it, this was HIS idea for us to take lessons together!