Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm a fat house cat

Had a flashing battery this morning. My photographer said "be cute fast because we got maybe 3 photos"
And he was right. ha. I included an old photo below so you can see the shirt ruffle in better detail.

Black velvet blazer Gap
Teal and green ruffle shirt NY & CO
Jean Amanda Bynes see below for the bird on the bum
Shoes Charlotte Russe (I put sock on after picture. My photographer was running late so I took these before I was totally ready)
Earrings Valentines Gift
My eyeshadows (teal and green) are from the new Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. OMG it was like they made the palette for me and my coloring and such. I am so in mad love with it. I plan to write up a giant review.

I feel like a darn fool doing this pose everyday but I gotta say in terms of sheer vanity I like what it does to me. I like how I don't look as short, you can see my shoes (I pride myself on my shoes) and how thinning it is! The stairs is a terrible locale but it is my only option until it warms up outside.

In other news I think I have figured out my nail issue. I know what is causing it but not how to stop it. I have a form of Anemia I was born with. It means I don't have enough healthy red blood cells. I am also intolerant to IRON and can't take supplements. (Don't even bother suggesting them because in 31 years we have tried them all) Basically when I get in rough enough shape I get gamma globulin shots in my hips and they hurt like a MOFO. They are awful and terrible. Ask my mom what happened once when I got them. gah. So according to web MD that is why I get the breaks but there isn't anything I can do to stop them. But someone reminded me (Hi Ally!) of a fix I used to do and COMPLETELY forgot about (hello old age) and if it works I will let you know tonight what I did.

I had a rough weekend emotionally. I had kinda 1/3 life crisis but I am feeling a bit renewed today. It was all so silly but it was kinda a "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP" compounded with a bunch of other stuff. But you know what helped me? My mom and dad separately calling me half and hour apart on Sunday. Just when I think I am a horrible failure and black sheep my dad calls just to tell me on Valentine's day he loves me. (My dad is NOT an emotion show-er. NOT AT ALL. Ask my mom. I think that was a big reason for their downfall)
Then this morning I had a poem from Dave in my inbox when I got to work. It was like I was 17 again and fell for the broodie boy with the dark eyes. Seeing this on my mom's blog helped too! I love Dave with all my heart and don't care if others do BUT I love that everyone in my family loves him as much as I do. He is my knight and 11 years ago on Sunday he swooped in and saved my life. Literally. He flew down to Florida and moved me out of my apartment while I was in class in the middle of the day into a new apartment. He did it all ON HIS OWN BACK via a fire escape so no one knew I was leaving. He even helped pay my rent until my other lease was up. He was 19.

OK ENOUGH SAP but I was due at least one sap post with Valentine's Day and everything.

Did you have yesterday off? What did you do?


Jane W. said...

Wow. That is pretty amazing about Dave. I'm glad that you got out safely, from wherever you were leaving.

On a much more shallow note, I'm off to check out that palette!

Kelly said...

Those shoes! The bird on your jeans! Adorable! And you are right, that makeup looks fantastic on you.

You are allowed to be sappy about Dave. I usually get kind of gaggy when people get sappy but not when you talk about Dave. I know we "only" know each other online but it's clear that you two are good together.

I didn't have yesterday off. But I did work from home because it snowed another 10" yesterday and since my meetings were cancelled, there was no reason to put myself through the commute when I had everything I needed at home. BF stayed home too so it was nice to work with him all day, especially because he was gone almost the whole weekend!

D'Rae said...

Those shoes are soooo cute!

Sorry about the breakdown. They can be rough....

hillary said...

Oh sorry I wasn't trying to be evasive. I had TERRIBLE roommates and it was just a bad bad living situation and my apt complex was doing nothing to get me out of it even though the cops were there frequently and underage parties and drugs and a myriad of men wandering around my apt nightly.
The would throw my stuff away and use my phone (they tapped into the line this was prior to cell phones) and eat all my food and break my stuff. They were just awful terrible girls.

D'Et said...

I don't often splurge on makeup. I'm usually pretty shy about that kind of stuff, but I have to say that the Alice in Wonderland palette has been my BFF since I got it a few weeks ago. Not that it was really that expensive, but I just never do it. Worth. Every. Penny. I think there's probably something for everyone.

The teal and green look FAB on you.

Seriously... I love it when you gush about Dave. I think it's very uplifting, personally. I have had very different experiences with love and relationships, and it makes me smile to know that it's not universal.

What a horrible roomie situation, though. BLECH. I'm glad he got you outta there!

Lorena said...

I like that pose on the stairs, you look great in this outfit.
The birdie butt detail is sooooo cuteeeeee and I am glad to hear you have your knight... i have friends i keep trying to find knights for - not successful yet.
Yes, I was off yesterday and did nothing but stay home stare at the roof, eat a lot and did a little DIY I will post later this week.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the ruffles and the birdie butt!

You are allowed to gush, especially when you get poetry. I'm glad that Dave got you out of a horrible roommate situation.

Emily Kennedy said...

Your Dave is just so amazing lady! What an incredible human!

Also, lurve the shoes, still jealous of your velvet blazer, and still loving the new pic pose. It's adorable!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I'm going to chime in with everyone else and say that Dave sounds like a very upstanding fella, and if you and him are happy together you should be Encouraged to gush! Maybe I'm just a sucker for happy couples.

The outfit - I think its awesome! Am I allowed to gush about your shoes? I have a yen for patent shoes and dont have any green but yours are so pretty.

The Alice in Wonderland palette is on my wishlist, though I wonder how well it would work with my coloring. You're right though it does look very good on you.

hillary said...

D'et I am a cheapskate I found it expensive because I am more of a one lipgloss at a time girl. BUT if you calculate the value 16 shadows at $16 a piece and then the eyeliners it was an insanely awesome deal.

Beck it would look great. I can see eat me drink me being a fantastic everyday color on you.
The best part of the palette is all the colors are from their normal line and there is a chart on the back of what the "regular" names are! I hate when you get a palette and love it and you can't get anything again!

La Historiadora de Moda thanks! ruffles make me giddy.

D'Rae it involved a LOT of whining and complaining. ha. Dave was very patient and helped me deal with it. I was over it in about 4 hours but I was all over the place those few hours. No crying though!

Kelly are you guys under water at this point? You just keep getting nailed. I love when dave works at home but at his office if i go he has a 26 inch second monitor.

jane thanks

Adeline said...

where did you get the urban decay palette? I read about it on MissKellie's blog too and I really want it. See if you can get us a discount like you did for the nail stamping kit, that'd be awesome! -Adeline


hillary said...

adeline. It is from Sephora. You can ask them for a discount if you want. I don't have any pull with anyone. That is all I did with the nail company I asked if they wanted to give a discount.

With them they are a smaller company and I am all about small companies and I thought it would give them some nice publicity and gain them some business to people who might not know about them. Sephora is a big BIG business with a huge following and they don't need free advertising so it wouldn't really be worth it to me to contact them in that type of relationship. That doesn't mean you can't!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Oh nice - I'd say I'd just get the one color but if all the other names are that fantastic I might have to get it. They advertised it in the Ulta flyer on sunday here.

hillary said...

beck check this girl she has nice closeups

Anardana said...

Is the title a reference to Iron and Wine? I was just listening to that song today! Check out this live streaming concert: http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/concerts/Iron-and-Wine-2009-07-10

hillary said...

anardana YES! It certainly is!

Kelly said...

Hillary it's getting pretty damn annoying! I need to go out and measure how tall it is now. Traci has gotten to the point where she just puts her head down and plows through the snow.

Clare said...

Yup, Dave sounds amAZing. And I adore that blouse, too!

Heather said...

awwwwwwww about your parents. they sure do love you.

Dave - he loves you. I love him more now then I did before. That story you told about him - wow.

hillary said...

dave is pretty great thanks guys for letting me gush and ramble!