Friday, February 05, 2010

I'd love you to love me.

I did a different photo than the one on Flickr. I used to always do that but I hadn't had more than one full length I liked in awhile.

This outfit is 100% inspired by my little Anna. I am hoping to get her out of hiding. I added a second cardigan. I don't know why I just thought the purples would look nice together. I am wearing a purple scarf at work too!

Shirt and pink tank H&M
Outer purple sweater Ann Taylor
Inner purple sweater Gap
Jeans Banana Republic
Silver platform stilettos Ann Taylor
Earrings gift
Necklace Mark by Avon
Ring gift

detail of shirt and sweaters but you can't see makeup

Makeup earrings and necklace detail

silver shoes heels

I have a confession. I got a manicure last night. My hands were feeling raggedy as hell and I LOVE how they take off all the dead rough skin and shape up my nails. I can't shape my own nails I am a Libra and I go nuts. I do one side and then try and even it out and keep going until I have filed them to stubs. I feel like a new woman and for only $11 bucks! (which is insanely cheap for Boston it is usually $14-16 for a straight manicure. The color is deep brown no shimmer Suzy says Opi
Nails and ring

I am strongly considering chopping my bangs SHORT. I have had it like that before but not in a very very long time. I was in mad love with my little Ruta's bangs. I WANT HER HAIR.

I also wanted to apologize for my lack of blog commenting. I have been having social issues lately. I feel like I am jumping into a conversation when I do lately. I go through these phases. I am trying to get the feck over myself but I just wanted to let you all know I reading everything on others blogs just not saying nothing. Also Greader makes me LAZY.

What are your plans for this weekend? I don't have any! Friday night is my only evening I get Dave. I get 100% of his attention from 6pm to 1am. It was a new rule we enacted this past year of school. He is forbidden from doing homework during that time. It is more for him than anything. A break. He was burning himself out. (How would you feel working 7:30am to 11:00pm four days a week and a regular 9 hour day the 5th. Then going home and working on homework for a few hours every night?) I can tell you that you would be BURNT OUT. poor thing. But 10 months to go!


Becky said...

I would never think to layer cardigans like you did! Lovin it! January was my month where I wasn't keeping up with blogs, and barely posted on my own. I feel like I'm making up for lost time now, because I am commenting all up in people's blogs now!

Poor Dave, I get exhausted for him just seeing all the hours he has to work! I'm glad there's only 10 months left, I hope it goes by quickly for both of you!

mansionmogul said...

I LOVE this outfit!!! The colors, the colorful tee, the necklace - way cute!

Sal said...

I'm so impressed that you layered your cardigans. Awesome.

mamichan said...

I like your Dave rule. Ur right, total burnout otherwise.
Going up to my friend's cabin in the Wisconsin woods this weekend with 10-12 other ladies for our annual girls weekend at the cabin.

Chelsea said...

ooooh, layered cardigans... fancy idea you've got there, woman! I love the result, and that necklace is bananas. also you look fabulous in purple/my fave color :)

Chelsea said...

dammit, I forgot to talk about the weekend! nic and i are heading to the SF Giants fanfest thingie on saturday (her thing, not mine, but i'll be supportive and eat yummy festival food!). then dinner with friends and a dance/theater performance. sunday we're having peeps over for the superbowl... though i won't be watching it (gabbing with friends instead!).

I hope you have a FABULOUS 1on1 evening with your honey! Perfect way to have him take a break AND to get some QT.

Lorena said...

What a pretty top, I also love the idea of layering cardis... it's great for traveling if you don't have a winter closet.
This weekend I am picking my husband up at the airport and am taking the dogs to the dog salon.
Probably gonna do tons of laundry too.

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh the shoes! The shoes and the ring go so well together! And your nails look lovely! I just want the shoes!!!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

The layered cardigans is brilliant! I covet that necklace.

We are getting a ton of snow (for us), so I imagine I'll be homeward bound until brunch on Sunday. I'm hoping to catch up on my sleep.

Lisa said...

I adore those shoes!!

$11 is a good deal! There's a place near me that I think does it for $12, seeing how nice your nails look is tempting me to get mine done.

For the weekend I'm going to see a robot exhibit somewhere in South Boston, and trying to find my wedding shoes!

Lesa said...

I love the top the necklace and the nail polish! Wish you were my stylist.

I have changed my blog from a fashion blog to a book blog and I have a free giveaway this week if you want to take a look
Formerly Always Summer.

This weekend? Target for themost perfect Valentines a little girl can have and new bras for her Mom, sounds exciting, huh?

Kristen said...

Oooh, love the top, cardigans and necklace together. Bright and cheery to overcome a dreary winter day.