Monday, February 01, 2010

I want you to want me

Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you like crying.... Sorry got off course there for a moment. Rough night of sleep and lack of SPACE TO TAKE PHOTOS. Damn kids studying. I am trying to take inane outfit photos people. Hid in the re shelving hallway. I am going to attempt photos at lunchtime. We shall see.

The picture to frame my shot came out by far the best.

The outfit. I really like. The lighting. I do not.

Denim shirt dress Target
Brown leggings Newport News
Brown mock neck Target
Sweater NY and Co
Belt Target
Flower H&M
Bag Cole Haan

I was able to sneak in the tiny closet space to take a makeup and hair photo though

I wish it was big enough to take an outfit photo in there because the lighting is superb.

How was your weekend? Ours was quiet and we didn't do much of anything. Dave did homework and I read. There was lot of kitten snuggles.
That lasted all of 12 second before Daisy bit Waffle on the head. Waffle is a bully so much Daisy doesn't trust her when she being nice.

OH and we made some amazing GF dishes. Homemade General Tso's and Caramel Pecan sticky buns. Something we had never had GF
my first in 6 years


KayeStar said...

kitty paw happy faces... LOVE!

as well as your outfit!

Becky said...

Your flower pin is such a great pop! Also, your makeup looks really pretty! I think your eyes stand out more with your fresh dye job-you look wonderful!

Andrea said...

wow! those sticky buns are looking mighty tasty :)

I love the cat paw tattoo! And ofcourse, you look lovely, as always!

evanadine said...

this outfit looks so warm + toasty, and i wish i had it today! i couldnt find my camis this morning (we moved over the weekend + shit is strewn EVERYWHERE throughout the house!) and the top im wearing does nothing against the cold! *shivers*

Lisa said...

I love that flower!

I went to VT this weekend to see my family and friends. Seeing your kitty pictures makes me wish I wasn't so damn allergic to cats so then I could get a kitty to play with too.

hillary said...

I've said it before I will probably say it a million times. I am violently allergic to cats. I can only be around mine because I have become acclimated but there is a few week process for that to work and any allergist will tell you the same thing.

If I go into someone elses house with one? hives, puffy eyes, red wheezing.

Kelly said...

HA I love the happy face on her paw. Your flower is fantastic and I agree with Becky that your hair really makes your eyes pop.

My weekend was pretty uneventful. I did go see the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus but BF and I were both in kind of shitty moods all weekend so we mostly layed low. I did finally rent 500 Days of Summer though and of course loved it!

Emily B. said...

Holy Moses, those sticky buns look amaaaazing. Did you make them or buy them? They are killing me!

Candycane said...

Those sticky buns look delish!

Loving your corsage - so pretty and your cats paw is too cute - did you draw that on? :D

CC xXx

hillary said...

candycane my husband did. heee. I kinda freaked out and he goes ITS NON TOXIC!