Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am out of witty Clue references.

Dress (2007) sweater (2008) and scarf (2010) Ann Taylor Loft (totally not done on purpose. I told you guys yesterday I had a problem.)
Some might remember this dress.
header as it is
Shoes Michael Kors (2008) I got them in Las Vegas for an insane 90% off. They are creepy pony hair. I refuse to touch them. I put them on and off by the heel.
Earrings Gift from a friend
Ring MFA store

Today is terrible weather wise. It is warm enough to rain instead of snow and it is POURING. This sweater had been missing for a year. Which is a feat in a 300 sq ft apartment. I found it last night and everything centered around it and my new scarf.

This scarf is the other thing Loft and Lucky kindly sent me. It is also from the new Spring 2010 line. It isn't on the site yet for sale but it is on the front page. The colors are soooo pretty and it is kinda light and filmy. A good scarf for when it is too warm to wear a scarf but you want to wear it as fashion. I need to brush up on my scarf typing skills.

Scarf and Earring detail
use this one
Nails, ring and scarf detail

This polish is my current fave. It is Mouse by American Apparel It is not available online but they do have it in stores. I have had so many people stop me to ask what it was. It is an unusual color. I really really dig their polishes.

michael  kors leopard platforms
Picture 295

For Makeup I did the Alice in Wonderland palette AGAIN, I have Muchness over entire lid and Eat me Drink me in the outer corner. I have White Rabbit on the brow bone. Coralista blush by Benefit. A brown eyeliner on top and bottom from MAC. For lips I have MAC Dazzleglass in GoldySparks a limited edition color from last year.

In answer to yesterdays question. I had tofu pad Thai and you saw what I was wearing.

Today I want to know do you have any weird quirks?
The reason I ask is I have a hangnail on my finger and I can't STOP PUSHING ON IT. It hurts yet I touch it constantly. I also rattle my door 3 times when I leave. I have dozens but those were the two I was thinking about when I came up with this question. I also am in crazy love with the feeling and sound of taking the plastic cling film off new appliances and electronics.

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Erin said...

I too am a door rattler and a hangnail pusher. I also don't open my soda cans all the way and have to make the bed before I can get in it. That's all I can think of at the moment, though I'm sure there are hundreds more- but not in a Howard Hughes kind of way.

EvaNadine said...

i am borderline OCD, i think. growing up as a dancer, whenever i made up routines, whatever i did on one side, i had to do on the other. turn to the left? i need to turn to the right to even it out.
i often count my steps.
i try to find patterns in the numbers on license plates.
i am a terrible nail biter -- i had stopped for quite some time, but they have been cracking/breaking lately, and i have been chewing on them.

theres more, but im sure i will just sound like a lunatic...

hillary said...

evanadine are you a libra?

I am the LAST person to assure others of being lunatics. :)

Anonymous said...

Because I love you I will admit this on your blog..........

I have always had this weird habit of sticking my hair in my ear. Saying it out loud sounds so weird and kind of gross but there you go. That's my weird thing.

I used to have other weird habits like not being able to go to sleep if the toilet lid was up but for the most part those have dissapeared over the past couple of years.

I am somewhat OCD about cleaning. I honestly will get fixated on a dirty spot on my floor or something and it will consume me until I clean it. If I can't get to it right away, I'll be very irritable and grumpy.

Sal said...

Those pumps are making me drool! And my weird quirks are too many to name ... but the one HM hones in on most is that I must have my neck and shoulders covered when I sleep. MUST.

Emily Kennedy said...

I love the shoes and I so wish I had that sweater! Today it is SO COLD in Kansas. Bitter, nasty, unhappy cold. Oh what I would do for a huge sweater.

Do you have any weird quirks? I'm weird with the hair I shed. I'm always trying to catch it, find it, dispose of it.... I feel really guilty if my hair clogs the bathtub.

V said...

Love your new scarf! I am VERY addicted to Loft, but good thing is they have great sales! I got the leopard print scarf that is spring-y (don't think it's online anymore) as part of their 50% a couple of weeks tons of compliments when I wore it!
My quirk is that when my husband and I go to bed, he CAN NOT touch my pillow...with his hand/head/finger/arm, I don't care. If during the night he is anywhere near my pillow, I know it and I will wake up and pull it away...I can't stand it. I'm not sure if that's a quirk as it is I just like things a certain way?

Becky said...

I don't know if this is a quirk or a pet peeve, but I hate it when people don't clear leftover time on the microwave if they take something out before it beeps. I find myself clearing time on the office microwave all the time, and occasionally at home too (oh roommates).

Lemondrop Marie said...

Gorgeous scarf- the colors are so pretty.
I am a huge animal print fan, great shoes- I understand the hair bit.
I hate it when my husband grabs my elbows- I just don't like elbows!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Chelsea said...

Oooh that scarf is gorgeous! And I love the whole ensemble really... though I totally relate to the pony hair weirdness. My leopard belt that I wear the crap out of is made of the same stuff and it's so weeeeeird!

As for a quirk of mine... I always shake the milk carton before pouring, even though I know it's homogenized and doesn't require it. And I hate eating with my glasses on.

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

First...I want your scarf. Just saying.

Secondly, I'm sure I have many, many quirks. The bathroom door downstairs must be closed at all times...not sure why. It's just a thing.

And I wouldn't have come up with this on my own, but I see it in your comments. I wear glasses, but I simply cannot wear them when I'm eating. I can't explain why.

You look amazing today..for the record.

Kelly said...

Those shoes are hot but I'm with you on the creepiness of pony hair. Hair has stopped me from a couple leopard print shoes that were otherwise perfect.

One quirk that is that before I'm about to go into a stressful situation or one where it will be hard to leave (middle of a play, long car ride, etc.) I have a craving for peppermint. I know exactly how it started - in college I had a period of time where I got upset stomachs a LOT (like, many times a day) and stress would only make it worse. And if I was in a situation where I couldn't get out I would be extra stressed because my mind would keep racing with "what if I get sick? how will I leave? it will be so embarrassing! What will I do?" I went through loads of Altoids because I would suck them to calm my stomach (or to try and prevent it from getting upset in the first place). Now I rarely get upset stomachs anymore, at least to the barfing point, but that urge and craving for peppermint is still there!

julie mack said...

I really dig that sweater! & the name of the nail color is awesome—mouse. Cuteness.

Quirk: I leave that plastic film on electronics as long as humanly possible. I just took it off my phone's keyboard maybe a month ago. I've have my phone for almost a year.

hillary said...

Julie I have the film on my G4 yes my G4 that I got in
1999!!!!!!!!!!! I look at every once in awhile and think ONE DAY when I really need it I will peel it off.

I have been known to get mad at dave for peeling things off.

Jane W. said...

Holy-disparate-elements-harmonizing-together-beautifully, batman! Tweed! Leopard! Flowers!

I will only drink soda out of the can or through a straw. Not having a straw in a restauruant really messes my sh*t up.

Natalie said...

Oooh, love the shoes, but I'm having a hard time buying a similar pair I like because of the texture. And there was a similar belt too...

I have a thing about things being level, I guess? In my son's doctors office they had plaques on the wall that were side by side, but not level with each other. I was glad to see they were only Velcro'd to the wall, because I ended up moving them before the doctor came in. There are also some crooked electrical outlets visible from the front few pews of my church. I think I'm going to have to sit further back from now one because just SEEING them ticks me off.