Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am just naturally curious

If you are on my Facebook you know that I like to ask deepish personal questions at times because I like to know how people TICK. I just want to know how others think and feel and react to things. When I ask these things I am not proclaiming anything about my life. I just want to know more about others. My overly curious nature has gotten me into a LOT of trouble over the years. I probably should of been some sort of social worker or psychologist. I think this from my mother will clue you in a little to how I have been the past 31 years.

"Picture this~ Hillary little in car Seat~ heading to Grandma's house~ Hillary looks around ~ asks~ where are the people behind us going?
Me~ I dunno
Hillary~ are they going to Grandma's?
Me~ No
Hillary ~ why?
Me~ they don't know grandma
Hillary~ why don't know grandma?
Me~ I dunno why
Hillary ~they should~
Hillary looks around some more
Hillary~ that a Drake cup cake truck?
Me~ yes Hillary that is
Hillary~ that a duck on the truck?
Me~ Yes Hillary
Hillary ~ why is there a duck on the drakes truck?
Me~ it's there Logo
Hillary~ what's a logo?
If I had a penny for every question I answered I'd be filthy rich~ "

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Heather said...

LOL I think I adore your mom more than you! hehe