Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Jeans Gap
Shirt Express
Brown Vest H&M
Shoes Clarks
Earrings QVC
Necklace previous Valentine's gift
I originally bought this shirt because Kasmira of What I Wore 2day had a red satin shirt she wore that I was gaga over. But this shirt and me? Not BFFs (I seem to remember she said something similar about hers) It makes me look way more busty than is OK for most situations. I thought throwing a brown fitted vest would help save it. I think once it is out of the wash it is going in the donate pile. I have given it a fair shot. I will say though I love brown with red. I always default from black and red so it was a nice change.
Previous wearing
like waves in which you drown me. shouting.

clarks red mens oxford shoes shiny
I kinda rushed the pictures today because I was HUNGRY. The place we were going to go for a Valentine's lunch was closed so we ended up driving 45 minutes away for lunch. We were starving once we got there. It was a low key day. We had a lunch that cost $14! (aw how cute) and headed to a mall. We both got something at Forever 21 (Their boy stuff is CUTEEEE) and I got some makeup. Dave picked out an amazing polish named for a Prince song. (Purple Rain!) for me and we hit up Sonic on the way home for nummy drinks. (Sonic is new here.) Oh and cupcakes were eateeeeeeeeeeeeen.

We tried to tie a ribbon on Waffle to take a Valentine picture. Well apparently organza tastes WONDERFUL to kittens. She spent the whole time licking it. No posing.

I made Dave a mixed "tape" errr I bought some fun music and made him a playlist and put it on his iphone (that is part of the gift! Syncing takes forever!) I got waffle her FAVORITE corn. I made sure when we got groceries this morning there was a can of corn in the order! Daisy doesn't like anything so I just told her I loved her.

What did you do today?


Suz said...

I love the red with brown - I'll have to try that. I always default to red and black too.

Sounds like a great day! And I think it is hilarious that Waffle likes CORN of all things!

Sal said...

For what it's worth, I LOVE the top sans vest. The vest definitely tones it down, but it's so sexy on its own. In a good way!

Emily Kennedy said...

I love that blouse with the vest! Though, I can see why you're not a fan of it without; it really hides your cute little shape. It's just the shiny red looks so good with your shiny red hair.

Kasmira said...

I ended up swapping away my red satin shirt because I decided it was not flattering on me. :(

But I still love my very similar green satin blouse!

Lorena said...

I get the shirt issue, the color is beautiful... maybe you can give it one last try by layering it - maybe wear it under a dress ? Dunno.
How cute is Waffle.... :)
I stayed home for Valentine's, my H is traveling for work.
Kinda over ate, had pizza, cookies, milk, waffles, doritos, coke, ginger ale, damn that's a lot of food.

laniza said...

Maybe try belting the shirt? My hubby's (and mom-in-law) b'day is the day after Valentine's so we usually celebrate both in one day. We're mainly shopping for video games, movies, and music, eating at his fav restaurant, and just hanging out and enjoying the day.

hillary said...

Thanks ladies. It is honestly just more low cut then I am comfortable with and I don't like HAVING to wear a cami.

Ianiza Since it has the elastic under the bust a belt would look weird.

Sal that is the problem! It is too sexy and my work is very conservative. heee

Clare said...

Y-y-y-YOWZA! I freaking LOVE the blouse paired with that vest. Stunning and perfect for Valentine's Day!