Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hairs have been cut

Kinda cheesecake pose. I did it last week to show the shoes I had on. This small spot on stairs makes it hard to show your feet then Kasmira said she liked it so I thought hey why not do it again? (I have to say I like how it thins me. heee)

Shoes Marc Jacobs
Scarf Marc Jacobs
Pants Gap
Turtleneck Target
Velvet cropped blazer Ann Taylor. Velvet just gets lost in photos.

Yes I cut my hair. I had already screwed up my bangs on my own so she "fixed them" and I got a ton of layers and about an inch of dead off the bottom. I will have details on my blog.

Scary flash photo but I am trying to show the velvet cropped peplum blazer

hair back and peplum back

I didn't like the makeup once I saw these pics so I took it off and went with a gloss as you can see in the makeup photo.
Makeup and earrings
gonna use this one

I want red ones, red red ones with a bow

So I got my first professional haircut last night. It has been a year. (last February that I went to an actual salon and didn't play "home hair salon" with dave) I am trying to grow it really long but it needed help. BAD. It needed some sort of "style"

She took about an inch off the length in the back to get all the split ends and then layered the heck out of it and thinned it out a TON. I should of weighed myself because she cut so much out.
Now here is entirely too many photos showing it to you. She "fixed" my bangs. Meaning she tried to fix the hack job I did this weekend.
I cuts my hairs
das back
hair cut feb 2010 012
OK when we get the DSLR out and it makes that clicky noise I can't help myself
hair cut feb 2010 008

Yes I totally threw a cardigan over pjs so I could take the photos.

We are about to get PELTED with snow. PELTED. So I dressed for trekking home in the middle of it because they never let us go EARLY of course not they wait until it is dangerous out and let us go. You can smell the snow and feel it in your bones. Anyone who lives in the cold knows what I am talking about. I love the feeling. I love snow SO MUCH. (I don't like having to wear sensible shoes though)

Do you have snow where you are? What is the temp today?


KayeStar said...

I really like hte layers. It does give your hair a gorgeous "style". It also falls beautifully. LOVE!

Unfortunately no snow here... ever... between Orlando and Daytona. Though it is a bit chilly for us today, right now a cloudy 42 and I love it. I miss snow, was born and raised in South Florida, but did live 3 years right outside of DC in my early 20s. I want my seasons back- just not crazy blizzards!

hillary said...

I lived in Gainesville for 5 and Miami for 4 years I feel ya!

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Your "new" hair is stunning! I absolutely love the way it falls. I like the way you combined the two stripped items. Cute.

Here in lower Bavaria (Germany) it has been snowing nonstop for months and I am beginning to doubt that it is ever going to stop. Today our high was -8 C (which I believe comes to about 16 F or so)

Totally Inspired said...

There is more snow here that i can even stand in.. it will be over my head by the time hubby has to dig us out tomorrow.. Yup.. Im in the middle of the blizzard in Baltimore. I dont know the temp.. but its cooooold!

i luv ur look for today. I cant wait to get a striped shirt.. and that blazer is so cute! yea for velvet!!!

V said...

Love your new hair cut...the layers look really good, I want my hair to fall like that. Do you blowdry your hair or just let it dry naturally?

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut. Love. I too just got my first hair cut in over a year....been growing out a bad haircut and was scared.

Snow? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Uhm no. We don't get snow. Wait...I take that back. Once every other year or so we get snow flurries that don't stick to the ground and everyone FREAKS OUT and goes "OMG WE GOT SNOW!!!!".

I think it's going to be in the 50s today, maybe 60's, and it looks overcast so far but I am hoping it will burn off by afternoon. Yesterday it got nice enough for me to leave my front door open a bit.

Work With What You've Got said...

I love the cheesecake pose. It is adorable. And I love this outfit. I need some stripes. They are so cute on everyone else!

And the new cut looks great. I only get my hair done once every 10 months or so. I don't know why, I just hate paying for it. And it's only $35 where I go.

No snow here. Just a forecast of rain/sleet/a little snow tomorrow but nothing amazing or earth shattering.

Lorena said...

Great outfit.
Love velvet ...and every time you wear that turtleneck I want to buy me one.
Hair looks superrrrrrr!
There is no snow here - actually it's really hot.
Sending some warmth your waaaayyyyyyyyy!

Emily Kennedy said...

We have snow on the ground that can't melt because the high will be a mere 31 deg F today.

I LOVE your new haircut. It looks outrageously fabulous! Also your cheesecake pose is the best. Only you think it is cheesecake. The rest of us think it's awesome.

Chelsea said...

Oh I just love the new 'do! The layers are so swingy :)

And I love when you wear that turtleneck and scarf together. Match made in heaven! Oh, AND the velvet cropped blazer is so awesome, I want to steal it!

No snow here, just lots of rain these past few weeks. Google weather tells me it's about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, we're spoiled in CA :) But also, I miss the snow :(

mamichan said...

i like the new layers!
oh snow. there's always some in MN. all the snowdrifts from the plows are taller than i am.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous haircut! I love the layers so much !!

I am still wishing they are going to be wrong about this snow we are supposed to be getting... hey, a girl can dream, right?

Stay warm! :)


Kelly said...

Those shoes are adorable! And I really like the layers she added. Also I think you made the right call going for lipgloss instead - something about the top picture just doesn't look like you to me!

We have snow...maybe about a foot now? We got 5 inches on Friday, and none of it melted yet, then we got another 5 inches Monday evening/night, and there was a little more last night too. Thankfully I have a dad and an uncle who both bust out their snow plows and drive down to my house to take care of it, so I've had to do very little shoveling myself!

hillary said...

thank you peoples! I don't like the bangs and was having that second day OH MY DO I LIKE IT. I will really see once I wash it for the first time.

I may or may not own over 8 black and white striped tops. I can not confirm nor deny.

Chelsea that is HEAT WAVE JEALOUS

masami I can't even imagine what it is like in the dead of winter my coworker is from there and the stories!

emily not cheesecake? I felt goofy doing it but I like how slenderizing it is. ha.

work with what you got. I have gone to a salon twice in two years because I too had a nightmare cut. Mine was $80 before tip which is pretty decent for a nice place in Boston. But everything is expensive here. I also have "nightmare" hair. First thing they say when they touch it. WOAH you sure do have a lot. I always warn them that it is an undertaking! I HATE paying anything because my mom is a hairdresser so to me that stuff should be free. ha. Although I doubt she'd cut it anymore.

V Well it is a process. It is a giant snarl ball and is completely unbrush or combable so I shower at night go to bed with wet hair and wake up with a curly mess and then I flat iron it. My flat iron doesn't seem to damage my hair but blowdrying kills it. On weekends if I didn't shower the day before I just pull it back because I literally can't comb it. (maybe now that she took so much layers out I can try combing again)

hillary said...

This is just my theory but when I take makeup detail shots I ALWAYS use natural light. But this outfit pics with the plum lipstick were all taken with a flash and it made me wicked pale and it just doesn't look good. I think it looked better in real life but it still wasn't right today. So I went with a see thru dark purple gloss which is very nice

evanadine said...

the new hair looks lovely!
and please, can i just have your cheekbones??

hillary said...

evandine of course you can! anyone with blush and brush can!! it is all about contouring!

Lisa said...

Love your hair! I think it frames your face really well.

I imagine my snow situation is very similar to yours.

Kristen said...

Hamburglar! But with a fab jacket and scarf, so it's allowed. :)

Your hair looks terrific. I know the bangs were the issue for you, but the length and curl at the bottom is just gorgeous.