Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest post : OH NO Valentine's day is in 3 days!

Freaking out about what to do with your LOVAH for Valentine's day? I knew you would be kittens so I asked the magnificent Megan of See Meg Shop to save your day!

So when Hillary asked if I would like to write up a guest post for her blog, I squealed with excitement and said, YES, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. And then I realized I would have to, y'know, actually come up with stuff.

That "stuff" being Valentine's Day ideas. Now I could be totally lame and suggest flowers and candy and dinner (none of which are actually lame but quite overdone in my book). I mean, that's what you think of when you think Valentine's Day, isn't it? And can you really remember ever Valentine's Day you've had with your significant other(s)? Because I haven't, though I can tell you most of them involved at least one of those things.

So this year, how about trying something new and different?

1. Arcade Day.
Find a local arcade and split $20 for a SKEEBALL BATTLE. Loser buys nachos! Find a kid to give your winning tickets to and make sure you document your special day with a nearby photobooth.

2. Pillow Palace. Look, I know not everyone can live in the sunny land of Florida and you're probably going to be up to your chin or some nonsense with snow, so a day inside is probably a good idea. Tune into your inner child and build a living room fort with blankets and pillows. Jump back into your pajama pants and pull out your dusty Scrabble board. Order delivery and turn off your phones - this time is just for the two of you!

3. Movie Mayhem. While I may be asking myself how a movie like Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel can be made AND WATCHED...sometimes I just can't refuse a bad movie. Sneak in a bottle of booze and watch a movie you are willing to admit to your significant other that you want to watch. I promise you a bad movie will suddenly become hilarious and interesting and just a leeetle bit fuzzy (unless your movie includes Bradley Cooper that isn't a bad thing).

4. Scavenger Hunt. Head to your nearby Target or Wal-Mart and spend the first five minutes writing up a list of 10-20 items for the other to find. Decide on a time limit and meeting spot and have fun trying to find that vanilla scented car freshener.

5. Dine & Draw. Look, you've gotta eat, but I'm not going to suggest a steak dinner. First, you're not going to want to deal with the lines and the wait. Second, appetizers make a much better meal. They are cheaper and leave room for dessert - order two apiece and split the cake. While you wait play this game: with a pencil in one hand, keep eye contact with each other and attempt to draw your significant other without looking down. Next, try drawing the other with your eyes closed. The results are always a surprise and hilarious (or AMAZING if you have weird negative space skillz like I do). Date and frame your drawings so you can remember time well spent throughout the year. OR if they are really awesome scan them in to make him & her pillowcases so you know which side of the bed is yours!

So there you have it! Five amazing, er, different ideas to make your Valentine's Day memorable. The great thing about these plans is that you can do them any 'ol weekend you'd like. Don't let the society tell you when you should express your love! Except if you plan to, uh, express it in that other way. In that case you should probably follow the rules of what they do and don't consider as disorderly conduct.

Thank you so much Megan! Plan to see more from her!

Megan and her Valentine, her husband Ben.


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love the arcade idea! I'll definitely do that soon....

Kelly said...

hee, BF and I are definitely planning on sneaking booze into a movie on V-day. We are classy classy people.

Also, I ate like five peep hearts yesterday (which I think is what you have in your pic?). Yummmmmm!

Chelsea said...

those are freaking AWESOME ideas!

Kimberly said...

Such a great post, Megan (& Hillary)!! Love the creative ideas, especially since I am so not a romantic!

Megan said...

Thank you again for the opportunity for blogging with you!

And Kelly, it's actually the heart of a watermelon. Geeet it?

Kelly said...

ha! yes. I probably just had peeps on the brain because I had gorged myself on them :)