Friday, February 26, 2010

grey, gray, gunmetal, slate,

Sweater H&M (2010 but they don't have an online store)
Shirt Gift from Gram (2008)
Wideleg pleated jeans H&M (2008)
Shabooties Nine West (2009)
Bag Paulina Carcach on etsy
Ring Marc Jacobs (2007)
Earring gift from mom and I LOST ONE ON MY WAY TO WORK.
Picture 413

Sweater and makeup and kinda see the ruffles on shirt
Picture 402

Makeup close up
Picture 401

nine west shabooties grey suede gray

New purse
Picture 411
I have a couple spendy purses. I carry my life in them and I walk everywhere so I don't have a car to store things in or anything like that. That is how I validate a nicer purse. Not that it needs validating because my husband and I are in agreement with it. The last few I got I saved up for them with my "Ladies Nice Things" account. I was saving up again. (although a rainy day came along and I had to empty the whole thing and start over) and I decided it was foolish at this point to be doing that and instead I wanted to support a small designer and I hit up Etsy. I looked for "grey/gray leather bag" in and this is what tickled my fancy! I have been lusting after a gray leather bag for sometime now. I had this idea in mind for what I wanted it to be.
This totally satiated my desire. It is extremely well made, beautiful and SOFT! I love that it is handmade and not something put together in a sweat shop. Now I am not getting all causey on you but my mom is a crafter/artist. That is how she makes her living. People go to her instead of big box stores for supplies and hand dyed fibers and clothes she makes. In a ways I feel like I am supporting my mom by in return supporting another small designer. The Hello Kitty Tokidoki was just my way of personalizing it. :)

Check out my mom's latest creations she has up for sale here.

What are you plans for the weekend?

We have absolutely no plans. Dave was violently ill the entirety of last weekend so I hope we do something this weekend. I am up for anything really.

You only have a few hours left to enter my giveaway. No entries will be accepted after 2pm EST.
I will announce the winner later today. Once I announce it I would appreciate if the winner will email me right away so I can facilitate getting you in touch with the company as they will send the item directly to you.


Sal said...

That bag looks SUMPTUOUSLY soft!

Jane W. said...

Great shoulders on that sweater--and I love the bangles.

I'm a big Etsy shopper (and troller) too. My brother is a fine artist (photog in Chicago) and it's a tough way to make a living.

C Lo said...

I have a show this weekend so that's my plans. Actually, tomorrow is crazy....I am getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to drive 2 hours to my best friends baby shower. I'm helping set up, doing the shower, then helping clean up, driving 2 hours back home, dropping off my kids with their dad and then going to the theatre. Knock wood I make it in time! It will be fun and so great to see my old friends but OY crazy.

Erin said...

I am newly in love with rich neutral shades like gray (in place of black accessories), navy and taupe. I just think they can look so rich and fresh- and this bag is a perfect example! It really is beautiful and I'm so glad you found it on Etsy. I'm with ya on the buying of bags- I'll spend more money on a purse or pair of shoes than on most any single item of clothing, since I get more wear out of bags and shoes.

EvaNadine said...

my dance team has a competition this weekend (a statement i havent had to utter in about 14 years!)
we will be in a beach town at the same time it is supposed to be snowing. cruel fate!

Jess said...

Gray is my obsession at the moment. That bag is looks almost identical to the Coach one I bought after Christmas (but mine is a lighter gray). Her prices are so cheap too! That red satchel is kind of calling out my name...I also really love that sweater. I HATE that the nearest H&M to Texas is in St. Louis. There are always rumors that they're building one but I am not going to believe it until I see the storefront.

This weekend I will hopefully not be having any more migraines (last night's was a killer), watching some TV, and spending time with my best friend, who is moving to Houston in a month and I will miss being able to see her whenever. :-(

hillary said...

i'd wondered that. Could you link me? The bag I was lusting after was a lilac doctors bag by coach. But it's expensive and a novelty in that color. You probably know the one I am talking about it has white piping.

Jess said...

I was going to link you, but I see you found it in my Flickr! That satchel/doctor bag shape is such a classic style. I lucked out at the outlet, and I had gift cards from Christmas, so it was the perfect storm. Can you wear yours crossbody? That is the ONLY thing I wish I could do with mine...the long strap isn't quite long enough.

hillary said...

no but I was considering asking her if she would make one!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous bag! Gray is my favorite neutral, and I end up with everything in gray without realizing it.

Sorry to hear Dave is still sick, I hope the gluten lets up on him soon. I'm chaperoning a school ski trip this weekend.

hillary said...

He isn't still sick. We think it was a flu because it was soooo damn resilient.

ooh skiing awesome! where you going? I haven't been in forever and last time was to sunday river which used to be my favorite.

Kelly said...

I loooove your bag (and the keychain on it!!)

Weekend: Probably a lot of cleaning tomorrow, maybe taking myself to go see Precious at the dollar theater. Sunday I'm going to a bridal shower. The invitation says to show up in my Hawaiian best, it's a luau or something, but it's still cold and a little snowy I don't know how I'm going to reconcile Hawaii and warm clothes!

Chelsea said...

Oooooh gorgeous bag! And you look fabulous in all those different grays :)

Chelsea said...

oh! this weekend. I want to get a pedicure in preparation for Miami, and Nic's grandma's bday was this week so we're celebrating Sunday.

anna said...

That gray on gray is beautiful, and your bag is super sumptuous looking- a really great find!

This weekend is a 3-day weekend. Chicago gets an odd holiday the first monday in March (Pulaski Day), so I have off. It also happens to be near Nick's bday, so we will celebrate that day. Sunday we are going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops!

Hope you have a great weekend!

hillary said...

sal It is! *pets*

Jane W it SO is. My mom started doing it in the 80's and she only now is finally making a real wage at it.

CLO hillary does not like the buttcrack of dawn. Hillary does not like anything before 10 am on a saturday. Which is hilarious because I used to jump on my parents bed as a toddler and yell SUNS UP SUNS UP GET UP GET UP and they do it to me TO THIS DAY

Erin me too. I didn't like neutrals before. I actually didn't have a brown or black leather bag because I thought neutral was over rated. Now you aren't gonna see me wearing khaki but grey me love some grey

evanadine shake your groove thang shake your groove thang. Ok sorry you can tell I am getting tired.

jess the more I think about it I think I have been unconsciously hunting down your bag for two months.

kelly want to clean for me? :) I will give you a cupcake. There MIGHT be cat hair in it. I can't make any promises.

chelsea I think I want one TOO. Dave is getting a deep tissue massage tomorrow I bought it for him for christmas and have harped on him for TWO MONTHS to use the damn gift card and he feels so guilty he wants me to do something WHO AM I TO ARGUE?

anna happy birthday NICK today is my fil birthday. Dave's entire family had their birthdays this week. Dave is the odd man out.

Clare said... I am wild about those sleeves. And I'm definitely a big fan of all the gray!

Kristen said...

Thank you for the link to the Shabooties! Alas, they are out of my size...

bethtrue said...

great bag - i love Etsy and love supporting artists buy buying handmade. Last Christmas (2009) I did an "all handmade" Christmas for gifts and it was great. love your sweater too. sorry you lost an earring. booh.

bethtrue said...

great bag - i love Etsy and love supporting artists buy buying handmade. Last Christmas (2009) I did an "all handmade" Christmas for gifts and it was great. love your sweater too. sorry you lost an earring. booh.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love all the grey! While I think black is great, as a neutral grey is a little more chic.

Your bag is fantastic, I wish she had some with silver hardware instead of the gold tone though.

Lorena said...

This is a grreat sweater.
I hit all the H&M stores I came across and did not see anything similar.... sucks.

Paulina Carcach said...

Hi Hillary,
Thank you so much for posting your thoughts on my bag, you look great with all the grey neutral tones. Your business it's greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy your new bag.

I also make custom bags with different color hardware, etc. And i can even make you a strap extension, this way you can wear your bag as a messenger style. Just let me know, you can contact me at

Thanks again for everything and i hope to hear from you soon!

Kind Regards,
Paulina Carcach