Friday, February 19, 2010

For the Love of Lady Gaga a lipstick REVIEW

Today I have the extreme privilege of posting a guest review from the original creator of byhillary, Suzy. ( Oh I think I am so punny) She is gonna review the new MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Lady Gaga.

Just let me tell you a little background~I'm a primitive Folk Art Cloth Doll Hair Supplier. I hand dyed spun wools of all kinds of textures and offer them to Doll Artist all over the world. I love to hand dye and create with my hands ~ I like to create and offer doll making supplies that are unique. you can find me here ~ www.Clothdollhair.comI'm soon to be 51 ~ Live on a farm with 6 Yes 6 dogs way out the boonies of Northern Florida. I have one grown and married Daughter. You might know her as www.byhillary.comI"m a gal that Loves her girlie girl products and with that said I was doing a happy dance when Lady Gaga came out with a limited edition Pink Lipstick put out by MAC.
Those that know me ~know pink lipstick is my prefer go to shade and this color is AWESOME~
every cent raised through the purchase of VIVA GLAM Gaga goes to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS


The lipstick.
I purchased mine at a MAC counter and it retails for $14.
They describe it as "Features(ing) a high lustre finish and cool blue-pink shade."
I love the texture ~Not greasy at all. I find there is no taste and a itty bit of a vanilla smell.
I really LOVE LOVE it's a blue based pink but it's light and not over powering in pigment.Best pink I've found to date and I know my pinks!


Thanks so much for posting mumsy! I hope we can see more of you around these parts. Also thank you for peer pressuring me into buying my own because it really is such a great cause.
Make sure to check out my mom's Etsy and Blog.
Show her the love. I will forward all comments on to her! She is homebound with my recovering Dad who had major surgery.

Also let me say you can actually play this lipstick up REALLY easily. Slap a gloss over it and you are instant mod. Put a orange gloss over it and it makes the most amazing peach summer shade. Or put on a few coats and lots of black eyeliner for a very hot and very now look.


Kelly said...

I love it! Lady Gaga was on some TV show promoting this and she said she liked it because if you put on one coat, it's one color, but if you put on more it's like a totally different color. I have no idea if she was just talking out of her butt but maybe she was on to something!

hillary said...

kelly MWAH

Kimberly said...

Looks so pretty and light! I am ready for all things springy so I am all about this!