Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big bird yellow and Konad nails attempt 18

Sweater New York and Co
Shoes Aldo
Tights Hue from Macys
Skirt gift from Megan (it's Aline but from the side it looks pencil now doesn't it?)
Shirt Ann Taylor loft
Earrings H&M
Ring gift
Necklace Target

Sweater detail but bad makeup detail
Accessories and makeup but bad view of sweater
black and white shoes aldo

I am wearing my lingerie on my hands! These were my attempt to look like French lace fishnet stockings. I went a little unconventional and did a baby pink base Coney Island and navy Passport blue stocking, both polishes from American Apparel.

This one was much harder than previous ones because it involved lining the two stamps up. The whole thing still took under 10 minutes. It involved me with my tongue sticking out slowly rocking the stamp on each nail. Some aren't even at all but not too shabby considering the first time I tried it.

If you want your own supplies I got mine from Wow So Cool and they were kind enough when I asked if they wanted to give readers a discount to say yes, and to make a special code to receive 30% off your order. Just enter byhillary at checkout! I do not benefit in any way from any sales. The only one who does is the people who buy it! I just like to share the things l like so I asked for the code for you all!

I just want to say how sad and tragic it is about Alexander McQueen. I aspired to own one of his pieces someday.


david said...

oh, i didn't realize it was 2 designs. color me even more impressed

Kimberly said...

Wow, two different designs??!! I am super impressed. I need to work on my skills. Currently I am rocking OPI Russian Navy as a base with silver stars. I need to come up with something to use my Alice in Wonderful OPI set though very soon!

Kasmira said...

That sweater makes me so happy!

But I kind of wish you had worn matching yellow tights so you could be like this lady:

LOL! Well, I guess you'd need the boots, too.

Diana said...

Your nails are amazing!

Emily Kennedy said...

Wow, this design is amazing!

Suz said...

I am enjoying the teal tights with the yellow cardi. Yes, yes, very delightful.

I NEED something in that shade of yellow. I only have it in my budget to thrift shop right now, and I've been looking, but I think the color is too fresh and hip for me to find something. Dang!


hillary said...

Suz I have on black tights. I would never ever wear yellow and teal. I am not that daring. The cardigan was $10.

Kasmira It is a stretch that I am wearing the sweater now you want me to look like a total bird? oh botha.

Kimberly which plates do you have I can brainstorm.

Dave you didn't realize even after I showed you last night and said its this design and this one?

Lisa said...

I love your nails!!

I've been seeing more and more yellow lately, and it makes me want to get some too, since everyone I see wears it so well.

jesse.anne.o said...

I really like those nails. Well done.

Chelsea said...

those shoes are magnificent! and I love the yellow with black&white thing you've got going on here :)

Kristen said...

That sweater is the bomb-diggity, and could only be upstaged by the teal tights and two-tone shoes, or the very clever nail design.

hillary said...

Thanks ladies! (and dave!)

Kristen I had on black tights not teal. The teal tights is from a year old photo I used for the detail.(I have entire sets of detail photos from the past 4 years I just plug and play into all my posts) See the full size picture for the actual tights. I am not bold enough to wear two bright colors like that.

Lisa this is only my second yellow. I avoided it LIKE THE PLAGUE.