Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You can't win them all

Something I learned late in life is you can't win them all and that doesn't make you a failure. It makes you human. To not worry when you do flub up. I have made a bunch of really dumb mistakes at work this week. But for once I can say it really doesn't bother me. Eh so I invented meeting and forgot about other ones. eh, it happens. (more than usual this week but I blame the cold)

Today's outfit?
use this
One of those flubs. I am just not FEELING IT. I highly dislike the pants. I look like I am wearing flats despite my heels. I just don't like it.

There are things I do like.
I like my bow. I like my bow a lot. It has something to do with combining my 3 favorite things black and white, Marc Jacobs and a bow. It doesn't get much better. I am also liking my blush. I did something different for me and went high on the cheekbone up to the ear as opposed to just on apples like I usually do. It is much more what my mom did in 80's but I like the effect it has on my face. (Trish Suhr from Clean House does it a lot as well and she is as cute as a button. I shouldn't of said her name I already get lots of icky hits off her name. I won't even TELL YOU what people are googling. Lets say it involves her in her birthday suit. Why it links to me I DON'T KNOW)

It is really cold out. Giant fake fur hat cold so I did a "flat" hair style. I braided it from a deep side part and snaked it around to a side pony. So easy and quick.

How are you on this bitterly cold Wednesday? How is your week shaping up?
I am getting nervous. We are about to find out what our next two years will be like. Dave's scholastic fate will be determined by committee and tomorrow we are supposed to find out. I know the outcome. I just feel it in my bones. I just know sometimes. I am not too worried. :) Dave is a catch! A damn catch I tell you. They will see that.

In other news. THIS is why my coats are covered in cat hair. (That is a coat rack with WAY too many coats and hats on it)

Edited to add. I didn't even think to add outfit info.

Hoodie track jacket hybrid from Forever 21
Turtleneck from Target (it's 3 years old but they still carry one like it)
Uberlong skinny scarf from Marc Jacobs tied in a bow.


Dave77459 said...

Good luck to Dave, although he hardly needs luck!

Your braiding ability is a feminine miracle.

C Lo said...

CAT CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

evanadine said...

i am fairly new to your blog, but i love it! you have a really great sense of personal style that i really dig.
i have recently started my own little blog, but i really get my inspiration from other ladies like yourself.
thanks hillary! :)

Sal said...

That is one fabulous bow.

Amy said...

I like your bow too! The first thing I thought was: Is that a top because I want it..then I thought: how can i recreate this? Love it!


hillary said...

Your from boston right?
Hoodie from Forever 21. Turtleneck from Target (its old but they still have it) and then a thin scarf from marc jacobs on newbury.

thanks so much everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time from your day to say hi! Especially when I am in meetings all day and I come back to all the love!

Lisa said...

My Wednesday has been very cold too. I wore my hat right up until the students came into my room today.
Your coat rack looks eerily similar to our overloads coat rack, minus the cats.
I also really like your scarf!

BAM said...

I think it's one of those weeks...EH!

Hopefully things perk up for you and Dave gets great news!

Our coats are stored in a similar fashion and with similar results - cat hair everywhere!

hillary said...

Lisa it was the same cold! We are probably less than 5 miles apart!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love your braid it's adorable on you and stylish way to get your hair out of your face. Stay warm!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That bow is so awesome and I really do envy your braiding skills!

I am feeling overwhelmed with class prep for the new class I'm teaching and with the fact that I'm getting married in 9 days.

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

I'm really digging the scarf bow. Almost makes me wish it were cold here. Almost.
And I wish I could do braids like you do. My arms always get sore half way through and I end up botching it.

(Also, you totally reminded me that I forgot outfit details in my last post too!)

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone! I love me a bow!