Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wishlist item

I want a 3 piece suit.

I am talking a man's suit but cut for me. Not a ladies suit because they just AREN'T RIGHT.

Think Dave would let me have this altered?
(I have it pinned behind me with a hair clip. I want to say it is about a 38 regular)

It used to be my dad's
Dad and me. 12.14.02

My mom saw him at the wedding and said "I bought him that at a thrift store in the 70's he still has that thing?"
Then my dad gave it to Dave and said "I'm never wearing a suit again"


Dave77459 said...

Don't you have a watch on a fob that would go perfectly?

Lisa said...

You should totally get that altered, it's an amazing suit!

TexNYQueen said...

classics never go out of style - we all know that. That's a great looking suit and looks great on you - go for it!

katrina said...

yes, alter it. think you'd look amazing with a customized fit. you look a lot like your mom!

hillary said...

Katrina that's me! In both photos.

The question is if Dave will let me it's his suit and it fits him well.

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

That's a great story! I say since it comes from your dad than Dave should give you the suit. It would only be fair right?? ;-)

Lorena said...

Yes please! have it altered.
I really like this on you :)

D'Et said...

Oh Hillary! Totally alter it! That would be awesome... especially if Dave has no intentions of ever wearing it.

I think it would look great.

hillary said...

No dave DOES wear it and it is very much his. So it is really up to him. I would have to replace it probably.

BAM said...

I'm stuck on the wedding day smiles - yea!

The suit seems like the traveling pants - great on almost everyone.


Tina said...

great 'stache!! You really made me smile.