Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend roundup (past two weeks)

Being sick last weekend I forgot to post my week all in one collage. So here is two weeks at once.

First week of January.

I liked the first and second outfit but didn't like the last one. Mostly because it was more fitted than I am comfortable with. I think the dress in the second photo is going in the donate pile. It is synthetic and doesn't fit on it's own. I do not enjoy clothes that require lots of adjustments.

Second week of January.

I didn't post Wednesday's outfit in the collage because I didn't post an outfit photo that day. I wasn't feeling it. It was this.
I like my first and third outfit the most but I admit I liked all this week. That doesn't happen often. I like the orange and navy one the most. I just love how those two colors play off one another.

erm I didn't know how to present this without sounding like bragging but what the hell I am proud of it. Last summer Lucky magazine asked me if I wanted to an Alpha Shopper. (They picked 100 people and I can tell you I was INTIMIDATED by some of the other people they picked. Some are TOP fashion bloggers. ) What it is basically is people who are into fashion across the country who are going to help contribute content to LuckyStyleSpotter and to Lucky as the eyes and ears on the local scenes. EEEEEEEEEEEE About a month ago they sent a welcome package and it just kinda made it all more real. Maybe I should subscribe to Lucky now at least. ha.

My first very small post is already up on their site. You can see it here.

Which one did you like from these? (I am trying to cull the wardrobe more keeping pieces that WORK and getting rid of the JUST SO SO items)


Kristen said...

WOW, congratulations on being a Lucky Alpha Shopper. How cool is that?!

I really love that citron sweater outfit in the first week; that is such a difficult color and I have total admiration for anyone who can pull it off. You absolutely did.

evanadine said...

i agree that i really love that citron sweater. my favorite outfit was the first one from the second week -- the dress with the cardi + boots. i used to never wear dresses/skirts other than to work or formal events, but the more i read these fashion blogs, the more inspired i am to dress up my casual wear!

Chelsea said...

um, hello? Hillary, you better FLAUNT what you GOT, and what you've got is ongoing influence to Lucky! That is so awesome, and you deserve it :)

and I love the leopard look best, of course :) Keep it all!

(I'm a terrible influence)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Wow! Congratulations and I like your resolutions!

I love 1 and 3. Of course, I have that same cardi in 3 in mustard so I might be biased. :)

kendra said...

What an honor, how awesome! Congrats!

Lorena said...

OH MY GOOOOD! (Janice from Friends style)
This so so amazing, I am soo happy for you !!!!

Marianne said...

Wow, this is great! Congratulations, you deserve it, with all the hard work you put in this blog!

& I love your resolutions!

Emily Kennedy said...

Your modesty is ridiculous. You look amazing in the fitted sweater, and you are a badass for getting picked for the magazine. You little rockstar!

Also, I just have to tell you, I've spent the weekend reading other fashion blogs, and I have realized two things that I really love about your blog. #1: You don't like to make something fit. I like this alot. Clothes should work for you; you should not work for the clothes. #2: Your color palette is eminently flattering on you. I adore the hunter green, the orange, the leopard, the brown. Color is a big thing to me and girl, you rock it all the way!

hillary said...

Emily thank you. I really strive for that so it is nice that it comes across. I see lots of bloggers doing the opposite and I know I just couldn't be comfortable. But I also think it comes with time because I know I used to do it too!

Thanks guys! I feel like a brat telling people but at the same time I wanted to TELL SOMEONE WHO WASN'T MY MOM!