Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I love Thursday

Been awhile. I always remember on Fridays.

* Scented markers. If someone wanted to get me the big pack I SO wouldn't mind.

* Watching Snow Monkeys on live webcam.

*Random presents from friends. My friend Emily got me this heart Marc Jacobs mirror. Perfect for reapplying redlipstick while looking glam.

*Getting updates on Waffle's biofamily. They are all getting so big. I like knowing what her brothers and sisters are growing up to be like.
They are getting so big!

*Random photos other people take of my handsome husband.
stolen photo. How cute is he? I love his pox scars

*Giving up on saving for a stupid purse I don't need and putting the money towards more important things like feeding the homeless in my own town and local humane societies. I feel foolish I was even doing that.

*Working on my goal of 50 books this year. I already finished 4 so far. I started a new one last night.

What are you loving today?


mamichan said...

the monkey webcam -- that's where i was attacked by them!!

Candycane said...

Ooh I'm with you on the markers :) I wish I could read that fast these days my attention span has totally ....... What was I saying???

J. said...

Ditto on the scented markers. I also love my locally-owned and operated grocery store and my vintage cherry amber beads.

Kelly said...

4 books! I am impressed. I always read right before bed so I don't get very far before I just want to go to sleep instead. So it takes me forevvvvvver to finish a book. I wish I was smart enough to read at a different time (OK in the summer I read outside on my lunch breaks but it's been so long since I've been able to do that)

Lorena said...

OMG... 50 books ...and 4 already read.. totally impressed . I bought ONE 2 weeks ago and have read 10 pages. You make me look bad :) !
On this Thursday I am just happy to be alive and healthy and have a job.

hillary said...

Ok I might have to pull down my package of markers just to sniff them. They are so wonderfulllllllll I am missing one though. I want the big package of the fat ones now.

Lorena. Sadly that isn't many to me. As a kid that number would of no joke easily of been 250. Just as my parents wallet. They NEVER said no to books. I mean it seems a lot because since I dropped out of grad school all I did was watch tv and play on the computer. But I am hoping to get back into the swing of things.

Kelly none of them are of ANY substance. none. All crap. Lovely lovely crap.

masami OH NO don't think I know this story!

Emily B. said...

Random things I love Sunday:

My new Marc Jacobs flower earrings, bought with very good friends in Boston

GF cappucino cupcakes with white chocolate icing

new GF mixes so that I can make MORE cupcakes!

A Sunday afternoon Scrabble game and hot chocolate with my handsome man

That my friend likes the picture I took of her handsome and very thoughtful husband.

It's all pretty good!