Friday, January 29, 2010

So far I have not found the science & Konad nails attempt 16

This could of benefited from Natural LIGHT. Not dark stacks and I hate the flash. Couldn't take a photo until late and the kids were taking up all the walls along the windows. I could get a makeup shot in the light but not enough room for a full length. Too bad too because I really really liked this outfit.

Cowboy boots from a feedstore gift from my mom
Giraffe sweater Target (they aren't real)
White T Ann Taylor Loft
Lace cami Forever 21
Necklace Avon
Bracelet Celiac Awareness
Earrings gift from Emily. (v)
Makeup all from the Hello Kitty for MAC line.
my freckles are coming back. They had left for for a few years there.IMG_1126IMG_1164IMG_1163

Wide leg cuffed pleated jeans H&M (if you are gonna wear pleats they MUST be wideleg. Well in my book. And my book is the only one I read) included old photo below of them in the light
Happy remixaversary to me! (2 years!)

The nails. Oh the nails. I had come up with the idea to match my outfitish and I asked Dave for opinions at dinner. More as a concept what did he think because he had no colors to reference. (Yes we meet up in his hour before school and end up talking about my nails. I love his man)
My idea was light brown base with overlapping layers of brown and gold leopard spots. I like the result but I wish there was more contrast in the browns.

This is what it looked like before I added the gold. (and before I cleaned up my fingers)

The after proved hard to photograph. They are kinda hologramy (well yes that is what the gold was called) I took a few angles trying to show the layers.


Sal said...

I adore that necklace, lady. And I am so amazed by your nailpolish stamina - I barely have the patience to do a clear coat every couple of weeks!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the necklace with that giraffe pattern! I also admire your nail polish stamina. I just nominated you for an award over on my blog.

Kelly said...

I too love the necklace with the giraffe. Also, I want your makeup skills.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I heart your sweater! and your nails. And and and....

I hadn't seen wide legged pleats before but I think your book is right, they're the only way to go if you're going to do them

Diana said...

I love how you take your accessory shots, and your nails are amazing!

hillary said...

Thanks ladies
I have to paint them at this point because
1. I am OCD and hate chips
2. They are so horrifically stained that I would be embarrassed to go without.
3. It takes under 5 minutes
4. I am just watching TV alone while the boy is at school.

Diana thanks I do them like that so I can just plug them into any post. Sometimes you are seeing a 4 month old or a brand new accessory shot. I just load them all into a set on flickr and pop them in when needed. hee.

Beck these were the first I had seen and while they go against everything you'd think I tell myself they are flattering.ha. That and the boy spent so long sewing those cuffs! ha.

Candycane said...

V cute nails - I wouldn't have the patience!! Love the cardigan also!!

hillary said...

No patience necessary. Took under 5 minutes.

Kiki said...

Sweet nails. I think these are my favorite!

Beck, At Her Best said...

They do look very stylish. Sometimes the best things are what you make/alter yourself. If someone else does it for you, even better!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

wow, your eyes are the most GORGEOUS color!
cool nails, too. i don't have the patience for that kind of thing.

Candycane said...

Oops looks like im one of the guilty ones for irking you on your new blog post about patience - sorry :(

I just meant I wouldnt have the skills to be able to do it - therefore with me it would deffo need a lot of patience - but you,
your good at it - so I can see why it only takes you a short period of time - it would take me forever to get them to look that good!!