Thursday, January 14, 2010

See just how far you can get.

This dress ALMOST got the heave ho. Previous wearings were matronly. The front is just not cut for my shape and well wasn't flattering. BUT then I thought why not leave it open and add a cami?! Genius it is like a new dress. I added a couple old versions below.

Navy dress Isaac Mizrahi
Sweater New York and Co
Earrings gift from Skorch
Navy and black tights layered Hue from Nordstrom. Navy looked weird with the dress and black was boring. Layered they made a midnight navy and it looks great out in the sun.
Cami New York and Co
Nun shoes Clarks
Belt Target

Yes I am wearing my school colors I talked about last week. I can't help if I look good in orange and blue. I blame my hair.

Dress detail and belt
this is ok
Make up and earrings and sweater top
liek this one
My gram loves these shoes. I wanted a heel I could wear in winter with skirts but I could walk in. I saw these shoes and fell in love. I know they fall under the ugly shoes category I suffer from. My gram said they were ones like the nuns used to wear then said how much she loved them and wanted a pair. My gram is FASHIONABLE and her endorsement is elusive usually so it means they must be great.
black oxfords clarks
thsi one

would you like me to make you cookies? 2.25.08what would you like for dinner my sweet? When you are making that can you make me a sandwich?

I read an article of top 10 style tips from transvestites somewhere awhile ago. (anyone else read it?) One of them was to wear socks under your tights. PURE GENIUS I have on hot pink argyle ankle socks and it makes SUCH a difference than wearing them over tights. My foot doesn't feel so suffocated.


heather said...

1. i just bought those shoes. the clarks. man, those are awesome!

2. i love today's outfit, but i also like it buttoned up. i don't think you look to matronly!

thanks for the shoes!

hillary said...

Heather it was my way of saying "it makes my boobs look weird and me look fat"

Jess said...

I absolutely love love love this outfit. It's one of my favorites you've worn lately. Also, I want to steal that belt from you and run away with it (though that applies to about half of what you wear).

I am probably going to buy those shoes soon, too. I have a brown pair of Enzo Angiolini oxfords that are similar that I love, but I haven't found any in black. The Clarks look perfect.

Sal said...

I am totally enamored of this, Hillary! I might have to bust out my summery shirt dresses and see if I can't recreate it myself. Brilliant!

Oranges And Apples said...

Its that cardie again! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prepare form me to say this every time you wear it! I also like that dress on its own!

Emily Kennedy said...

Cute! I love this outfit! I'm glad you didn't give the dress away, because this really works on you!

Becky said...

Good move on putting the cami under the dress...I have to do that with almost anything I own that buttons up, or layer something over it, because of the weird boob thing you mentioned in your comment above. That's an incredibly cute dress, and I love the way you styled it!

Becky said...

Oh, and btw, my man and I are doing a short over-night trip to Boston this weekend! (coming in Sunday morning, leaving Monday afternoon) I wish we were staying longer so we could arrange a meet-up, but I thought I'd just let you know anyway, and maybe our fashion spirits can play, even if we can's meet face to face (I'm so weird).

treesaw said...

Sassafras! J'aime ca!

Love how the dress looks over the cami, and the colour combo is divine.

TexNYQueen said...

I likey today's version, especially the color combos, the cardi and the belt - great way to make use of a dress you're just not sure about.

Chelsea said...

wow, you totally revitalized this dress! it looks just wonderful layered up, and the shoes are great :)

Kasmira said...

What a great idea to leave the dress unbuttoned! I think it elongates your neck and torso to have the open neck and lower neckline.

I have googled for these tranny tips you mention with no success! Link?

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Orange and blue are also NY Mets colors. I was such a fan in my youth.

Your belt is super-awesome. The colors are great. I think the way you you're wearing the dress today is great. I'm afraid of layering, so I wouldn't have thought to wear it any differently than intended. lol.

Now, why socks under tights?

Lesa said...

as a Gator I have to give you props for the colors (even if you don't like football)

Lorena said...

..... great idea, although i do not mind the dress worn on its own.
You can also wear a vest and belt it.... that should give it another feel - and i really like that belt.

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

I love the way you styled it! It hardly even looks like the same dress.

Fashion Therapist said...

I love this outfit. The dress, the sweater, the colors - love it all!

Kelly said...

hahaha I have to track down that transvestite fashion tips article now!

C said...

First off: Love this combo (January 14th outfit) so much I went to NYC looking for a similar cardi to pair over a shirt dress that I have.

Second: What do you think about the "controversy" going around in the blog-sphere about commenting? Just wondering since I so un-eloquently commented once about whether you wanted critique or not. I thought maybe I got the response I did because of how I phrased it. The lovely Audi just posted about it and it was such a relief to read her take. (btw this will be the last time I bring this up, promise.)

Clare said...

I love the color combination in this outfit!

hillary said...

C -
Comments haven't been an issue for me. I have only had two bad comments ever (both from same person) and I didn't delete them I have left them up. I did delete one ever in 5 years of blogging but it wasn't mean I just didn't like how I reacted to it.

Asking if you can critique when I have already answered that question from you is just odd. It is like you are asking my permission to be mean or stir up trouble. Since you are asking I will say no. It never would of been an issue if you had said something tactfully, critique or recommendation and left it at that like everyone else does.

Everyone else thank you so much for stopping by and giving me your time and attention I appreciate each one of you.

Kelly I looked for it and I CAN"T find it which maybe it was in a magazine? I dunno.If I find it I will send it your way!