Thursday, January 28, 2010

A post that felt compulsory

Yesterday a few friends and I were talking about dressing for men or dressing for other women. Then we joked about what our men would pick if it were up to them. Their favorite looks on us. So I asked Dave and he had two answers for me. A out and about outfit and an everyday. I was right on the out and about. I wasn't wrong on the day to day I didn't know ahead of time he would categorize it like that. So today I wore his favorite day to day look.
I get upstairs. I set up the tripod. I frame the shot. I set the timer..... FORGOT CHIP AT HOME. blarg. But I really liked the elements so I got a couple iPhone pics.

For everyday he likes a fitted vest, girlie shirt with princess sleeves, wideleg jeans and messy hair with lots of dark eyemakeup.

So today I wore:
A fitted vest and a "fancy" hoodie
on bottom is wide leg jeans. Which he said are his absolute favorite and reminds him of his alterna girl crush phase in the mid 90's. AHEM.

Fancy hair from two angles

I went overboard with the makeup to compensate for how bad I feel.

This was me this morning.
me this morning. I don't feel so hot.

When I have my chip back I will take some proper photos because instead of the normal "oh that's cute" when I came out in this outfit last night he proclaimed "OH I LOVE THAT SO MUCH" we have a winner. How can you not wear it after that. Sometimes I think he still wishes we were 17. But I am not going back to the blue streaks in my hair!


Candycane said...

Your hair looks so cute here :) I think most women dress for other women in the main, well in my opinion anyway. I don't know what my hubby would choose for me to wear, I might ask him when I'm up to getting dressed again :) x

Kelly said...

BF gives opinions when I'm shopping but I've never really asked him to create his ideal outfit on me. I'm almost afraid to - because I am 85% sure that it would involve very skinny pants, a very tight sweater (which I got and I bought knowing it was too tight but I got in that size because he was so convinced that it fit perfectly...of course I have not worn it), and very painful shoes. But this post/outfit is interesting and reminds me of when you let Dave dress you for a week!

Kelly said...

PS hope you're feeling a bit better!

Clare said...

Aw, that's so cute! Ain't it great when they're so enthusiastic? I hope you feel better, doll!

hillary said...

Kelly I worried what he'd do because he likes fitted and low cut but he has a really good eye and dresses me completely different than I do.

Clare He is the best cheerleader. 14 years of bliss!

Candycane I only do maybe 10% of the time. I won't wear something if dave doesn't like it. I have tried a ton of things he said eh to that never made it to light of day. In my mind who cares if other girls don't like it if my best friend doesn't. Know what I mean?

Kelly you should ask him to pick something out and DON"T sway him. It is really really interesting what they pick.