Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Perfect hourglass of my loneliness

Back at work again. False start with Monday then I was home sick yesterday. Blarg. I AM SO TIRED.
Dress Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater Target (Does anyone else find Merona vanity sized? I haven't lost weight but their mediums are out of control large now)
Lace cami Forever 21
Leggings Newport News
Boots Target
Ring MFA store
Scarf gift

I haven't worn this dress in almost 3 years. It just isn't that flattering on it's own now. I weighed a bit more when I bought it. Here it is March 2007
wardrobe remix

I hear October 1978 was a FABULOUS month.

I got this GORGEOUS scarf from the fabulous Kimberly of Fab Finds Under 50 for Christmas. I was in love with it the moment I saw it. But in the 3 weeks or so I had it I couldn't work it into an outfit. I couldn't tell w hat my problem was. I love the color, they look nice on me but it just didn't fit into my wardrobe.

Then I realized why.

It was hard admitting this to myself consciously but for the past 14 years (damn when did I get so old) I have just avoided Burgundy and Gold because they were the colors of Florida State. I went to UF. They were our harshest rival. You could not wear those colors in Gainesville. I think there was a law. (I honestly wouldn't be surprised) I don't follow football but it is virtually impossible to have gone to either of those schools and not feel the rivalry in YOUR BONES. One of my dearest friends who happens to be a mutual friend of Kimberly's went to FSU. Kimberly got her a orange and blue scarf. Then I knew I could wear it and WOULD wear it. Nothing pleased me more than to see Megan in orange and blue. (I can FEEL the eyeroll, feel it I tell you) I don't even care about that stuff (well to a point) but it was just fun to me.
(On an unrelated note I have a few friends who say things like "We lost this weekend" or "Did you see us play" regarding the Gators and I want to scream YOU DIDN'T EVEN GO THERE AND YOU CERTAINLY AREN'T ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM SHUT IT WITH THE WE BUSINESS)

I have to say I think it is one of my new favorite items. DAMN I look good in burgundy and gold. (I am still and will forever be a Gator though, or until I pay off my school loans)

The only article of UF paraphernalia I ever owned in school was a shirt that said "Hey FSU you might not like us but your boyfriends do" and the one and only time I wore it some asshole spilled beer on me. I kinda hated football when I was in school (well I still do hate it) but it used to PISS ME OFF on game days because I couldn't park outside the studios because of the game. But seriously other than 3 in the morning there is never a better time to be in the studio! No one was there. It was all mine to make as big a mess and use all the presses I wanted! The first time I ever saw Dave lose his temper was at Campus police when they wouldn't let him turn down the road to drop me off at the studios. heeee.

I don't know why my mom always called me melodramatic.


Becky said...

This post definitely made me smile. I'm not a football fan at all, but seeing how I went to FSU, I can really relate to this. I must say, I think garnet and gold is a much better color combo than orange and blue, and I think it looks great on you! :)

hillary said...

I am gonna have to respectively disagree on that one. Orange and blue (UF aside) really pop against one another.

Also being a redhead (orange) I look fabulous in blue.

KayeStar said...

i will try and keep out of the fsu/uf rivalry and say i love burgandy and gold together for a more rich look, but blue and orange for a more fun and contrast look.

Anyhoo... I have been meaning to tell you I LOOVE your current hair color. Mine is similar right now, but i love yours.

..and the houndstooth nails look amazing... even thou you rushed thru them. I think I now NEED to order some supplies.

hillary said...

Thanks. It is such a NON color right now. I have been growing it out since July. I highlighted it in august obviously but the red is actually this
just grown out and faded for 6 months

KayeStar said...
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KayeStar said...

well then you fade well!!

that sounds weird...

kendra said...

oh, I loved going into the studios on game days because it was so quiet in there, but I HATED walking back home after a game was over, IF WE WON. If we won people were roudy and obnoxious and I didn't feel safe. If we lost people were quiet and subdued and I didn't mind walking home.

I never paid any attention to football but Chris is a huge Gator fan and his dad is OBSESSED so now Zeke has all these Gator clothes, and for Christmas his dad got me a long sleeve gator shirt with a big rhinestone Gator logo on it. Now I'm required to wear that on game days and I always dress Zeke up in his gator gear on game days. This always makes Chris proud even though I don't pay any attention to it. But being in Georgia people are always ragging on UF so it actually makes me get a bit more gator pride when I know so many people are against them. But honestly, I wouldn't know what was going on if Chris didn't talk about it. And I never get when people are upset when "we lose" because "we" had nothing to do with it.

That said, I'm not a fan of garnet and gold at all. But then again I'm not a fan of gold. The combo of orange and blue are growing on me (but in moderation, not as the colors for a building!)

Sal said...

Hah! I can't do orange and blue because they were my high school colors. Old habits die hard.

The scarf is killer on you, though. Glad you were able to force yourself to wear it!

Amy said...

This post was exactly what I need today! haha I love it!

You look fantastic and the color of the cardigan looks wonderful with your pretty hair color.

Hope you are having a great day!


Lauren said...

Heh. I refuse to wear school colors, even if it's MY school we're talking about. I won't touch orange, because I go to Syracuse University. I only JUST got over my thing about wearing blue and gold together, because those were my high school colors.

BAM said...

You already know that I went to UF, but I also like football so I watch and then say annoying team-related things (at least I'm aware of it, right?)

School colors do get ingrained (sp?) into your subconscience. Either you love them or hate them, but you definitely have a preference.

Although not always together, I still wear a lot of orange and blue. It helps that I follow the local soccer team who is also orange (with some lighter, baby blue).

I went to gradschool at Texas A&M, and I have to admit that maroon is MUCH easier to match and wear and that got me over the FSU hump.

haha, funny post! The scarf really does look good.

miss ruta said...

vanity sized! hate that/love that! also...HOUNDSTOOTH NAILERY?? miss ruta approves, yes she does!

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Love this look on you! The green is great and the scarf is so pretty. My hubs does the "we" stuff with Penn State and I just shake my head at him.

FashionAddict said...

I love your nails! Cute outfit, and I like wearing that belt backwards, too, due to the detail :)

Kelly said...

I don't think my school colors affect me a lot. My grade school colors were blue and white, and my college colors were red and black, and I never think about my schools when I wear those combos. Probably because they're so generic. My high school colors were green and gold and I usually think about my school if I happen to wear something (or see someone else wearing something) in that combo, but it doesn't make me want to wear it any more/less!

BTW, I love this color green with b&w polka dots

Work With What You've Got said...

I ordered those boots in brown and I have to say THANK YOU. Now I want them in black too, seeing you rock them so hard.

Chelsea said...

love love love love... and not just because I have the same fabulous cardigan in that awesome color! love it especially with your glorious hair color :)

hillary said...

as long as you aren't taller than 5'3"

then you see this

Megan said...

Hee this does bring me some joy seeing you in garnet and gold as well. As since I don't give a crap about football I will say that blue and orange is superior to garnet and gold. Even the color wheel says so!