Monday, January 04, 2010

An outfit along with a short lesson

Lets start out with a bit of an English lesson. I do not claim to be good at grammar (well at grammar?) spelling or any of that jazz. But I do know definitions of words and if I don't, I look them up before I use them. Someone called me Narcissistic the other day. CLEARLY they don't actually READ my blog.

Narcissism is defined as
If you read more than a days worth of my posts you will see I clearly have issues. I have bad self esteems and I am pretty self deprecating. I KNOW THIS ABOUT MYSELF and I am working on it. I am FAR from self loving let alone EXCESSIVE self loving. So please if you are going to insult me at least do it right. Vapid? Verbose? yes. Narcissistic? Nope sorry. I don't mind if you don't like me. I WELCOME it. Just be correct in your hatred please. To know me is to hate me.

Aight back to the narcissism. OH one more lesson. See the header for this blog? That would be French saying this is not a fashion blog. Because it really isn't. I didn't intend it to be initially and I would say I do a fair amount of talking too much about everything else that it is not a blog "just about what you (I) wear". So shush it. Lovey.

*chair dance* oh Lady Gaga makes EVERYTHING better.

Track jacket with detachable hood and tucking on front Forever 21 it was $14.90 and it is cotton
Denim trousers Gap
Knee socks xmas from Gram
Earrings Gift from husband
Necklace Avon
Cowl neck shirt New York and co
Purple cami New York and co
Shoes Marc Jacobs gift from husband for wedding anniversary. 70% off!
Ring Lola Perfume by Marc Jacobs xmas gift from inlaws

earrings necklace
Perfume ring
Detachable hood

BONUS random fact. I may of dropped out of Journalism school in 1999 and went on to get a degree in Art but apparently I didn't lose it after all this time. My husband turns in his portfolio today (no you aren't having a seizure this is the second portfolio in a month but this is THE portfolio. This one literally determines if he is allowed to continue with school or has to take a year off an apply again next year) I was editing his portfolio and I marked up a ton of the same errors and being the smarty pants (ass?) he is looked up what I was marking and everything I marked was AP errors and only AP still goes by those outdated editing rules. I had completely blocked it out of my memory.

How is your 2010 going so far?

I am trying to not let dumb shit get me down. Why worry about stupid catty comments when there are animals out there not getting enough food to eat. Why worry about my waistline in a seat position when there are so many people out there with REAL problems? My dad waiting for his neurosurgery coming up. My gram getting an MRI today on her leg from where she fell. Dave passing his portfolio! I might hurt someone if after FIVE years at this school they don't give him gold stars on it. Anyone who knows Dave knows he is spectacular at virtually everything. He is just LIKE that. (It can be annoying when he is better at something you teach him but I have learned to embrace it) Oh yes he has been going 5 years full time and has 2 to go.

P.S is it just me or do the blue books make me look a bit more fair (sickly) than normal? I need to go back to my orange books.


Emily Kennedy said...

CUTE! Love the jeans, and LOVE the shoes. Insanely adorable.

Your Dave is really amazing with the hard work and the shoe-finding! Amazing!

You are most definitely not a narcissist. I think the most important part of the definition is that love of self drowns out love for others. It's really scary to be around someone pathological in this way. It gives you a hint at what a sociopath would be like.

Anyways, you definitely don't have that problem. Blogs have, from their early beginnings, often been considered self-centered or egotistical forms of expression. I suppose because they are often about the self. Yet so are journals, letters, memoirs, resumes, statements of objectives, geez, the list goes on! People who carry the opinion that bloggers must be narcissists I think are generally having some sort of fear or jealousy issue.

Sal said...

What is UP with the TROLLS, H? Jeezy Creezy. You don't have a narcissistic bone in your bod, and anyone who doesn't know that hasn't been reading your posts which are funny and self-deprecating and warm and open. Durr.

I'm a mite jealous of those amazing shoes.

BAM said...

Keep on keeping on Hillary! This is a blog about you and how you interpret life around you. That's kind of the point of self-blogs and that's why I love them. I get to learn about interesting people and see other points of view.

If someone isn't interested, they can just read a different blog.

I'll stick around here!

hillary said...

thanks peeps! I knew they were wrong but it nice to hear people agree with me!

I JUST got the shoes on Saturday at the Marc Jacobs store where they were 70% off but they are on bergdorf goodmans site but not sure sale. I think there they are marked down to 250 which I say is way too much!
I paid $114. Well Dave paid. he picked them out and insisted he wanted to buy them for me and made me try them on. WHO is gonna argue with Marc Jacobs? NOT ME!

Lemondrop Marie said...

So un-narcissitic- I think the edjit most likely thinks anyone who cares about her appearance or fashion may be.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOve your shoes and you inspire me!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Oranges And Apples said...

Some people are just strange. Why would you leave a comment like that? You are the least narcicistic person ever!

Good luck to Dave!

chunkstyle said...

Jealous bitches should start up their own blog if they don't like reading about someone else! **side-eye** dannnng some peoples gotta be drinkin the haterade though. don't even address them them i'd say, it'll drive em even crazier that way!

Lorena said...

Great shoes and that ring.... !!! SOmeday I will have a MJ item in my wardrobe... someday !

Sending good vibes your way for 2010 !

Jess said...

I don't get people who just troll around to people's personal blogs in order to insult them. I hope you can ignore them as much as possible and keep on doing your thing, because WE all enjoy it very much.

Those shoes...I would mug you in an alley for those shoes. And what a DEAL! *swoon* I wish we had a Marc Jacobs store in Texas sooo much.

hillary said...

Thanks dudes. It wasn't on my blog but I don't give a flying monkeys ass what they think! I just needed to learn them a little :)
I don't edit my comments. I only ever yanked one in 5 years of blogging so if it is on here I will show ya. Hey they post it I can link it! :)

Lisa said...

I'm in love with those shoes!
I'm sorry about those snarky comments. You seem to have a very good perspective on those things.
Good luck to Dave! That sounds super stressful, but I'm sure your editing skills helped!

Shannon said...

I have been a reader of your blog for a while, but I haven't commented yet. Well, this post brought me out of lurkdom. I think you are adorable and I enjoy your self-deprecating sense of humour. But, some people will think what they want and sometimes, they also act like huge knobs and feel the need to post nastiness. I know it's easy to say "ignore it, they aren't worth the effort to get upset". But, personally, I have never been able to do that. Isn't it funny how we can get 100 positive comments and 1 negative and it's that negative one that haunts us? So, try and shake it off and remember that for every bonehead, you have at least 100 patrons that think you're fab!!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I saw that question when I asked you what your favorite cheese is, and I was pissed off by it. I really enjoy reading your blog and think you are cute and quirky and far from narcissistic.

I am seriously envious of your perfume ring!

hillary said...

YOU ASKED IT! ahahahaa I called my mom and said "Did you ask me what my favorite cheese was?"
to which she was horrified by my answer and then made her own question page. haaa. We got the best laugh out of that. I thought it was my mom or my friend megan and I thought she was going to email me
cheeeeeeeeeeese gromit

My mother in law got the ring via her Amex (she turned in points to get it for me!!!) but she said sephora has it.

Bianca said...

Ugh, that sucks, sorry to hear it. Although, I think Sher from Fashion over Forty said, you know you **made it** when you have hecklers. ;-)

I don't post that often, but always read - and think you are adorable, and not a narcissist at all. :-)

david said...

I love everything about this post, really. From the shoes to the witty banter. A wise person once said "don't let the f*ers get ya down" and you didn't, with style.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I was vaguely horrified by your answer, too...:D

Must not break shopping ban, but maybe for my b-day....

Kelly said...

I think I saw the name-calling incident and I wanted to lay the smack down. Ugh!

And those shoes are amazing!

katrina said...

for what it's worth, i enjoy your blog a lot. even during those times that i don't comment, i never miss a post. i realize that i don't really know you, but from what you've shared, my impression of you is fairly positive: beautiful, intelligent, and self-assured (not for one moment did i get the impression that you had self esteem issues, but i suppose we all do to some degree).

i miss the orange books, too.

hillary said...

You know what I think happened. Either they shifted the stacks or I got lost. It is quite possible they shifted stacks over break. I don't have anything to do with stacks so I don't know if they did for a fact but I got off the elevator and went left and all a sudden there was blue books but it is so easy to get turned around up there!

thank you so much everyone. I know I am growing because they didn't get to me like they once would of. Instead I got all soap boxy. ha.

Mer said...

I love how the necklace and earrings pick up the colors in the ring!