Monday, January 04, 2010

New year, new resolutions, new sense of organization? (I hope so!)

The new year is in full swing already. I have gone back to work and have had to face the REAL WORLD. (scary thing it is) One of my uberlist to do items this year is to hone my organizational techniques. I want to get in a groove with the apartment so the husband can go back to school and keep it tidy and for utter chaos to NOT ensue come finals time.

First up on my organization agenda: The Christmas Decorations.

My tree is still up. My twinkle lights are still strung around the living room. The sign saying "1 day until Christmas" is still on our door. I could do what I do every year and throw them all in a bin and call it a day and curse myself next Thanksgiving when I pull it all out again and it is a giant TANGLED MESS.


I could do it right and put everything in its place and everything to have a place

I came across this Christmas ornament box and lights boxes on Taylor Gifts and I am in love.

(Images courtesy of Taylor Gifts)
I can just see it now. It's Saturday evening and Dave and I are sipping Hot Chocolate and Waffle and Daisy are snuggling on the couch (hey this is a fantasy!) and we pull out the box of lights and there is no cursing and we string the tree RIGHT OFF THE SPOOL of lights. Dave picks up a wooden ornament from its labeled bin "xmas 2002 1st xmas" and says "Do you remember our first Boston Christmas as a married couple in 2002?" (oh like you don't label everything in the house when you pull a label maker out!)

OK I think I need to make a shopping list ASAP.


Lisa said...

I don't have much Christmas experience, but I do have label maker experience.
I adore the label maker.
Good luck with your organizing. You should hit up the container store.

Kristen said...

I have a spool for my lights, and a couple of ornament boxes. You will pry them from my cold, dead hands.