Monday, January 11, 2010

A monday of cloudy headed ramblings, a Konad nail attempt #11 and a tiny iphone app review

Navy blue and white dress, belt, leggings, tights, sweater boots Target
Earrings I made

Head to toe target? COMPLETE accident.

Tina from T minus T plus asked anyone who had this dress to wear it so she could compare. I even told her I had it and would wear it for her. It's from Feb 2008 Target. In classic Hillary fashion... I went to her site to link the post and it is NOT the same dress. I don't know my own wardrobe apparently. I made a similar mistake at work today. I thought I had two meetings I didn't and was already to go and they are on Wednesday. I even wrote them on my calendar for today and dressed the part.

IMG_0255IMG_0260target frye boots

I layered Hunter green tights over electric blue legging for warmth and it kinda made a neat effect where it shifts from blue to green.

For my 11th attempt at using the Konad system I went for something a bit more subtle. I layered a dark Chanel brown over a lighter brown, mink muff from Essie.
In person it is pretty subtle. But I took a horrible flash picture to show the detail more.

I take a LOT of pictures with my iFone. I am in mad mad love with my phone which I never thought would happen because I hate talking on the phone. I am awkward and have a small voice and lisp. People ask to talk to my mom. No dude it's me. I am in my 30's thanks. (she isn't any older sounding anyways!) My one big complaint about my ilover is that it doesn't do video. I am never without my phone so having video on demand (as opposed to whipping out a camera) would just be nice. My dad (mr anti tech himself) has the one with video and he likes to show it off because he KNOWS I want it. (Thanks dad. :P ) I saw an app ivideo camera (link will open itunes) last night for .99 cents that would add video to 3G models. I thought what the hell! AHAHAH I love it. Best .99 cents ever. The quality isn't top notch but I mean come on it is a damn phone not a video camera.

So I made you a thank you video

(yeah the shaking? ALL ME. I have jitter hands. coldmeds+iced espresso=shaky mofo hillary

If you want your own supplies I got mine from Wow So Cool and they were kind enough when I asked if they wanted to give readers a discount to say yes, and to make a special code to receive 30% off your order. Just enter byhillary at checkout!

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday was the day of infinite errands. I also got some makeup to duplicate a picture of Ginnifer Goodwin. Sunday I stayed home and it was wonderful. I have been sick for a few days so it was nice to be a vegetable. I took better pictures on a real camera but I kinda hated them. I liked this quick one off my phone with its soft focus better. ha!

Before you even ask Dave(s) I flipped the photo so that is why I look weird. (My Dave always knows when I flip a picture. It freaks him out. My friend Dave is just UBER observant and I know he'd see it instantly)

So I brought in the Ginnifer picture to MAC and bought the colors to replicate the look I was in mad mad mad mad love with. All things I didn't own because I don't go for a soft look often (Tranny chic ALL THE WAY BABY) In the car on the way home something hits me.... The lipstick, blush and eyeliner? IDENTICAL to my wedding makeup. I took them out and the blush even had same name but my wedding makeup was all Clinique. I have it all in a memory box because honey don't wear makeup that is 7 years old. NO NO NO. Not sanitary. I am nothing if not consistent. Dave wasn't even phased. I goaded him (yes with an actual stick) and he said "Nah, you're like that. Not surprised". Well I was!

Best "makeup" photo I can find I have scanned. I got married prior to digital cameras.
scanned pic 12/14/02 mum and me


Lauren said...

I really liked today's outfit!

Is there a top coat you'd recommend above all others? I'm starting to get into doing my nails, and I'm looking for something with longevity and that doesn't chip easily.


Lisa said...

I like your outfit a lot today!

I do the same thing with meetings. Working in a school leads to terrible time management skills. The bells ring to indicate class changes, and the main office calls to remind me of meetings. In the event I have to remember something on my own there's about a 15% chance I actually will.

I also like your nails! I think I'm far to lazy to keep them up like you do.

Emily Kennedy said...

Best nail design EVAR.

Your wedding pic is so cute.

New make-up = YAY.

Tina said...

I'm bummed that the dress isn't quite the same, but I think that I might post some similar looks when I finally post the dress that I have. So I'll steal yours when I do that.