Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marc Jacobs inspired! Konad nails attempt 15

This look was very loosely Marc Jacobs inspired. I have really bad ADD I am usually doing 4 things at once and it drives Dave batty at times. But only faux batty. He says "can't you just watch tv like a normal person" while I am iPhoning on IMDB, painting my nails and watching a movie. (sometimes a book is involved too)
dave said I should title this "sadly this is not a joke".........32/365
Dave took that of me last winter. (That is a candy cigarette. thankyouverymuch. Always first thing people ask)

Oh sorry see. I get lost. Well today on the T home I was twittering, reading my new book and planning what do once I got home and what to wear tomorrow. I wanted to wear my Lola ring.

I got it for Christmas and that made me think about the colors and I thought how could I use those colors in a nail design? Then I thought oooh layer flowers. I stopped at CVS on my way home looking for a gold to incorporate into the design. (I MIGHT of bought a Cadbury Creme Egg. might)

I pulled out some colors to try and reinterpret the design.

I already had the purple nails (see today's outfit post) and I did three passes of flowers. Gold then red then purple. The whole thing took under 5 minutes. It only LOOKS complicated.

This is what happens when I try and take hand photos.

Yes that is a tiny paw print next to my hand. I have NO IDEA what she was up to immediately before this. I am sure I don't want to know. She was probably licking pans in the sink again.

Don't you love I put effort into the before pictures but none into the final nail shots. EH. I can't help it.

They aren't meant to be "Marc Jacobs" as much as loosely inspired by. I would love to give him his due sometime though! I think I need a plate with bows on it!

If you want your own supplies I got mine from Wow So Cool and they were kind enough when I asked if they wanted to give readers a discount to say yes, and to make a special code to receive 30% off your order. Just enter byhillary at checkout! I do not benefit in any way from any sales. The only one who does is the people who buy it! I just like to share the things l like so I asked for the code for you all!

(oh and for a change all except the first one are clickable!)


Candycane said...

So I only just found your blog and skimmed through a few past posts .. it made me smile, you write in such a cute and funny way (oh and your cat blog is soooo cute!!)

I had heard of you before though - but did not know who you were I had read about the lady in the stacks on several other blogs - and now I know to whom they refer :D

Anyway yadda yadda, nice to meet you and I shall contu=inue to follow!

CC xXx

Ps, nice nails :D

hillary said...

shut the front door! who was talking about me? My mom? I bet it was my mom. She DOES THAT. I am 31 years old and her main goal in life is to embarrass the hell out of me. Don't believe anything she or anyone tells you.

Unless it was bad then it is all true.

Kelly said...

Do you have any special "tricks" that you use for nail stamping with regular polish? It looks like you just use regular polish, but I can't for the life of me get my stamper to pick up my OPI. Trying to figure out if it's worth ordering one of the "special" polishes or if I'm just being dumb.

hillary said...

do you rock it? That is the only think I can really think.

Kimberly said...

Kelly, I'm surprised you are having trouble with the OPI - that's what I have been using with my stampers. Is it possible it is drying out too much between the time you scrape and transfer the design to the stamper?

Hillary, it is nothing for me to be on 2 laptops, my iTouch and my Palm Pre while flipping through a magazine and watching tv - I can totally relate! :-) Also, I have flowers on my nails right now too. I did a taupey/gold color with green swirls and purple flowers. Nail stamping is ADDICTIVE!!!

Kelly said...

Hmm thank you, maybe I haven't "rocked" it enough?

Kimberley - I don't think so, I go pretty fast - it only takes a couple seconds to scrape it. Hmmmm. I will have to experiment.

hillary said...

rocking is key because it put pressue unevenly like it needs to put down and pull off.

Kimberly pics? SO addictive.

Andrea said...

wait a minute! stop right there...

Is that a snuggie? I'm laughing really hard, because you are too darn cute, with your ciggy (even if its candy) painted nails, thumbing away, all wrapped up in a snuggie :) Priceless.

hillary said...

yes yes it is. I haven't used it this winter oddly.