Monday, January 04, 2010

Life is weird. A story about edamame

Dave and I didn't used to do takeout. There just isn't many gluten free restaurant options around and even less gluten free takeout options (one) But we found a place and every Wednesday night we would have dinner late and he would bring home Wagamama. Every Wednesday morning one of us says "WHAT DAY IS IT?" and the other yells "Wagamama Wednesday!!" Some where along the way we were feeling DARING and got edamame. (Appetizers are a thing of the past once you are diagnosed Celiac) We learned we LOVE EDAMAME. LOVE LOVE LOVE. What is not to love. It is a food you play with and HAVE to play with to get the good stuff. Some how (OK I know how but I you might be horrified I let the kitten near my food, not so much LET as somtimes I just give up and let her have it) She likes to come over to the bowl sneak a pod out and she takes off with it. We find edamame in various state of distress all over the floor on Wednesday nights. Sometimes we don't find them for days and there are little petrified pods in your shoes.
Once we even found one with a face on it. I swear to hello kitty we did not do it.
Ahahhaaaaaaa do you see it?

There is a point I promise.

For Christmas "Waffle" got me a Japanese edamame keychain that you can pop.
I took pictures on the 29th and by the time I uploaded them on the 30th it had fallen off my bag. I discovered it when we were in a giant mall. I was so upset I honestly thought I might cry. (I don't cry often. I feel I say that often but I REALLY don't. Note I said I thought I would cry) we didn't find it and we made lots of sad RIP edamame jokes. Dave kept saying how expensive it was and why didn't I keep a better eye on him. (I had actually asked him the day I got it if he could put a lobster clasp on it for me because I didn't trust ball chains)

Fast forward 6 days. We got 3 snow storms, over a foot of snow this past week. Today Dave left late for work because he wanted to go to the barber he forgot it closed on Mondays (why is that?) and so I walked with him after he realized in a totally different direction than I normally walk to the T.

THEN (cue dramatic music)
we get to the cross street to ours and right there in a giant snow bank next to the sidewalk some maintence men were shoveling............. was MR EDAMAME. I yelled it actually.

MY EDAMAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Dave grabbed him and stuck him in his pocket (he knew I was thinking GERMS GERMMS GERRRRRMSSS)
Dave said "It's kismet kid"

He even took this photo for you and said "I made something for your blogging friends"

This kinda odd stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. I tend to be a rather unlucky girl but coincidences?? yeah I am very lucky in them. Once I found my limited edition Fall 2007 Alexander McQueen for MAC lipgloss in the spot my car had been parked in the week prior. (I threw it away but STILL)


Bianca said...

Um, ok, so I dont post that often - and now you got me twice in one day.

I LOOOVE Edamame too. I mean saying the word is fun on its own, and just a small peek into the full enjoyment of those leetle soybeans!

david said...

There was this period of time where I had bought the edimame key chain and I'd say to Hillary "what's the best part about edimame?" and she'd say "eating it" and I'd say "no, popping it" this went on for a bit until I conditioned her enough to say "popping it" and I laughed a maniacal little laugh in my head (holy run on sentence batman).

Chelsea said...

mmm... love me some edamame. and that keychain is amazing. i'm so glad you two are reunited!

KayeStar said...

Best nonfiction story of 2010 so far!!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Edamame is awesome. I thought your keychain was a cute pea pod at first, but a smiley edamame is even better!
Congrats on finding it - I could use some of your good luck, I lost my mailbox key off my keychain.(It's a duck that quacks. The clip breaks all the time, but I just can't get rid of it).

Kimberly said...

Fun story!!

Love edamame - I always have it in my freezer ready for a little appetizer!

Becky said...

This story warms my heart! My fave part about edamame is the salt...yum yum salt!

Emily Kennedy said...

Woo hoo! Mr. Edamame lives!

Kelly said...


(P.S. I love the dramatic reenactment!)

Jess said...

I would have been so sad if you lost Mr. Edamame, because he is SO CUTE! You have some eagle eyes on you to spot him on the street like that--so glad you did!

BAM said...

I LOVE the reenactment!

Glad you found it, your new year is off to a lucky start!

Lorena said...

Talk about weird - something similar happened to me in september.
I had been nagging my H to get me the 125 Bulgari anniversary ring (only one from the we can afford) for our 7th anniversary and he did !
It's a little big, but a few days after he gave it to me I lost it. Nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, REALLY I practically cleaned the entire house looking.. then about 3 days after i had lost it I went to my grandmothers house. I started fixing the roses that she had gotten for her birthday. The moment I began to water them i saw something shiny on the green oasis the roses were stuck in.... there it was ! Talk about a miracle!

Heather said...

How freaking awesome was this!? Yea!