Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lets get it all out of our systems today? OK good.

Sweater New York and Co (Yes I have in 3 colors)
Scarf Marc Jacobs
Turtleneck Target
Shoes Clarks
Earrings one pair gift one pair h&m
Trousers Gap
Bag Tory Burch I used to carry my equipment up to stacks in a scarf but I realized yesterday a bag was much less conspicuous.

used this one

Ok this is odd. I have owned one yellow item in 20 years. I happened to wear it in this photo in 1998. But other than that? No yellow for this girl. The point was I have been using this same hair color off and on for 13 years.
spring break 98
keep this one
black oxfords clarks

I always go back to Chocolate Cherry. I do something else for 6 months then I go back. Because I know it works. So lets get it out of our systems now. Yes I did dye my hair TECHNICALLY it is the same dye color as yesterday (it was just REALLY FADED for 6 months I let it grow out) So in a month from now please don't ask if I changed it. I don't know why but that bothers me. (hey we all have our quirks I just don't hide mine well) R36 by Feria everytime. I was trying to grow out my natural color and after 6 months I decided I kinda hated it. Natural is overrated. I was feeling itchy for change. I was slightly tempted to cut it but I really really want long hair and for the first time in my life my parents LOVE my hair. My dad (2) told mom yesterday how much he loves my hair long!!! My family doesn't approve of my attire or look often. Well they are so vocal when they don't like it that is what stays with you. Over Christmas my gram told me how much she hated my bangs, the length and color. Love you too! MWAH. ha. Gotta love them.

This is another one of the outfit I sketched out

What do you do when you are itching for change?
I have had one than more hairdresser tell me to always dye before cut because you can dye it back but once you cut you are stuck.

Oh and that said Dave LOVES it. He also likes saying the word chocolatecherry over and over.

I just found this looking for red head in my photos.
zomg someone help this kid
I was once a red head. Once upon a time a VERY long time ago. I am guessing 1982 or 83 My mom would have to confirm that.

OK kismet. I call this my big bird sweater so what did I find when I googled Big Bird to add his photo?


Dave77459 said...

A pox on those who dislike your hair. I like it. Saying that, I wonder if you don't care, because if I said I disliked it, you'd not care.

When I want a change, and I do, I get a hair cut. Next time, I'll go bald. Jamie convinced me to wait until it warmed up. Since it is 70s here, the time will be soon.

In solidarity with Your Dave: chocolatecherry chocolatecherry chocolatecherry chocolatecherry chocolatecherry chocolatecherry

hillary said...

I do care. I just don't want to hear it. So I don't CARE to hear it. eh. How is that logic for you.

Jess said...

I think that color looks fantastic on you. :) Haters to the left!

Lorena said...

I love this cardi+scarf+turtle neck set- beautiful !

Chelsea said...

you rock the b&w stripes, woman!

and chocolate cherry is just fabulous on you! no wonder you keep going back :)

When I'm itching for change I end up changing my hair... every few years I grow it super long and then chop a bunch off at once, and then the cycle begins again. Since right now I'm in my grow out stage, I'm thinking of other ways of changing it up... maybe going darker or reddish or something... but I can't decide! I'm so used to my blonde/brown look that I am scared of anything TOO different...

Kasmira said...

Waitaminute...there is no stripey scarf in the sketch! It adds the GENIUS touch!

evanadine said...

like you, i turn to my hair when im itching for a change. (sometimes i hit the stores, but a new outfit is a little TOO temporary since you cant wear it everyday and not be labeled a crazy person).
i have played with my hair color on and off since i was in middle school. some shade of red has always been my go-to color when i need a change -- which turns out quite well since my fiance LOVES redheads!
i am so ready for a change right now, but im hoping to have my hair in a reddish tone for our wedding in october, so im pushing off the urge to dye it now, so that im not tired of it by then.

in the meantime, i ask my stylist for simple little ways to re-style my cut. i love the cut, but seeing it the same every day is what bores me...

hillary said...

My husband cuts my hair. No he has no idea what he is doing but I trust him. He is methodical and patient. Most the time it turns out good. (once there was a bit of a mishap) I think I need to talk him into some layers tonight to jooooz my hair now that it is colored. :)

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

I love how the scarf and turtleneck match! It adds such a great touch. The hair looks really good too.

When I want a change I usually just buy something new. I'm a wimp when it comes to my hair and don't usually get interesting cuts and I don't color it.

treesaw said...

Holy Hannah I heart this outfit!!!! You plus yellow equals awesomeness!

hillary said...

ahaa thanks! see above for a added photo.

Andrea said...

ha ha!

I think you need to re-think yellow! You look great it in :) Such a lovely cardigan!

Farmgirl said...

Love the hair color and had to laugh ~ then you were like 2-3 you had a big yellow plastic Bird chair you LOVED to park in front of TV in~

hillary said...

andrea I have! I bought this didn't i?

I loved that damn chair!

Kelly said...

I feel like I am learning more about Marc Jacobs through you. When I opened this post I saw the scarf bow and I thought "that looks like MJ" and I had no idea why I thought that. Then lo and behold, it IS Marc. I still don't know how I recognized it but I consider it a triumph because I am SO bad at recognizing designer aesthetics. Anyway I love the cardi + turtleneck + scarf combo. Really I like the whole outfit.

Also, natural color is absolutely overrated. I try to do it every couple years but in the end it is just such a waste and I always go back to dye. It doesn't make sense to stop dying my hair for the sake of being "natural" when I feel like a barf sandwich every time I look in the mirror. (Also speaking of hair: the longer I grow mine, the *less* my parents like it. Wish they appreciated it like yours!)(Also you were one cute kid)

I feel so stuck when I want a change. I try to resist the urge to cut my hair because I have been trying to grow it out for so long and I'd hate to ruin all my hard work for some fleeting boredom. So I'll do something boring like buy new clothes or change up my makeup or just wear my hair different for a couple days.

hillary said...

Kelly I have been growing mine out too! I haven't really touched the length (just bangs and front layers) since this nightmare hair cut.

Thank you I was a cute kid but this is NOT a picture I was cute in. ha. It isn't a good one of me or mom sadly.

Lemondrop Marie said...

OHHH, Big Bird loves you!
Love the yellow sweater, but I love yellow, so bright and happy. I even have a ginormous yellow purse. I also like the contrast you've added with the top.
My grandmother loathes my bangs and has said so on many occassions as they are "unprofessional" for my current career as a librarian.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Sal said...

I haven't even been reading your blog that long, but I think of that as your signature hair color!

hillary said...

Because I am apparently avoiding work I just searched my email for "sal" and said show oldest. You've been here since Oct 2008!

Clare said...

I LOVE the yellow!

Kristen said...

Your hair color is completely fab, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. "Chocolate cherry" is a cool name, too; I wish my hair color had one as interesting.

I used to be blond as a kid and I still often try to go back to that shade. Maybe if I brought an old photo in to my colorist...I get tons of compliments when it's dark, but I feel more like "me" as a blond.

Becky said...

I love how you tied your looks like part of your turtleneck...very cute! The hair color is fab as well. :)