Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Konad nails attempt 9

My two new plates I ordered came in!! (I ordered my mom her own set of stuff. I am hoping she will take pictures of hers for you!) I rushed and did a white houndstooth on plate 63 over dark sparkly blue because I LOVE houndstooth. I tell myself it makes me more Gwen Stefani like. (I wish!)
I kinda messed it up on a few nails. I either smudged it or didn't line it up perfect. This is one of the plates I can tell you need to have a little more patience with because imperfections show up more. The flowers and animal print plates hide imperfections more.

A few people say they don't paint their nails because they are messy. LORDY let me tell you I am messy. I as I have divulged before clean it up in a hot shower or use qtips and remover. This time I cleaned it up, took pictures, uploaded and saw the streak of white paint down the far side of my right hand.
ooops. I do that with pens ALL THE TIME and walk around work with a purple hand and I have no idea.

I ordered one of the "special polishes" they sell to see if it really made a differnce. I ordered white because I find that the hardest color to stamp because it is usually too opaque. It really made a big difference. The paint is thicker and not as runny. It stamps really well too. Creates a vinyl sticker type adhesion. It is only meant to be used as the stamp though, not paint your entire nail. (Probably too soft)

If you want your own supplies I got mine from Wow So Cool and they were kind enough when I asked if they wanted to give readers a discount to say yes, and to make a special code to receive 30% off your order. Just enter byhillary at checkout!

On an unrelated note I made a little money from a side job after Christmas and decided I needed some to order a few Hello Kitty charms from this company in Japan that basically just sells cellphone charms. I got this one from the Tokidoki Hello Kitty collaboration. SQUEEEEEEEEEE

I got another charm that kinda looks like a little Hillary Hello Kitty (or so I tell myself)


D said...

Your nails are so cool!

Kelly said...

#1 I got that nail plate...and maybe I will have to get their special polishes because every attempt I've made to do any of my stamps with my regular OPI polish have not worked out so well

#2 I love your keychain

#3 she DOES look like hillary

Chelsea said...

I am impressed with all of your nail art, Hillary! I suck at painting my nails... I think it has to do with both my unsteady hands and my lack of patience.

And that pigatiled key chain should just be called hello hillary, for realz!

treesaw said...

This is my fave so far! Love it! Totally Gwen.

Lisa said...

I love these! I agree with treesaw, they're my favorite so far!

susies1955 said...

Absolutely love this.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I really love this pattern and have been thinking about eventually buying something like that Konad plates. However, I haven't painted my nails for a few weeks because I've been sick and because it's conference/job interview season.

Grace said...

Very cool nails! Now I want to get that plate, too, haha. I got my order of 3 plates, polish, scraper and stamp on Monday. I experimented a little bit. I added navy animal prints to my silver toes! I tried the special polish and I'm not sure it's necessary although I can see how it would be helpful to have white since they tend to be so thin in regular polish. Cuuuute phone charm!!!

Marianne said...

So adorable! I might have to get one because of you now... hahaha! :) And it does look a HK Hillary!