Sunday, January 03, 2010

Konad nails attempt 8

This one proved very hard to take a picture of. I did the bamboo in silver and it just wasn't something that photographed well.
I can't wait until my new plates arrive so I have some more options to mix up.

For New Year's Eve we made Namaste gluten free spice cupcakes with home made maple ginger frosting. OMG SO GOOD.
remix 037
Namaste is by far my favorite cake mixes. They are very expensive (All GF is though) but the taste is the best. It is hard to believe it is gluten, dairy, corn, soy, potato and nut free yet taste amazing.


Lesa said...

These are your prettiest nails yet! And guess what? I went to target and they had 2 pair of your kinda-frye boots left and one was my size, albeit brown, those babies were in my cart in a flash!

Lauren said...

Did you know Betty Crocker makes gluten free mixes now? According to the box, they're made in a wheat-free facility to avoid cross contamination. Betty Crocker Gluten-Free
The white cake mix is pretty good, very light and moist. Not dense like a lot of other gluten-free stuff.

Love your nails, by the way. I cannot paint my nails to save my life. It looks like a third-grader took to them.

Lauren said...

*I meant to say a gluten-free facility. Makes a difference. lol*

hillary said...

I do know. thank you.:)

katrina said...

your nails look fantastic and so does that cupcake. anyhow, you inspired me to paint my nails today.

happy new year!