Friday, January 15, 2010

In rooms I built to foul you in

There were people EVERYWHERE this morning. I had to sneak this one and look away from the kid sitting off to my right so he wouldn't figure out I was posing. I hid the camera in the stack but the in the stacks pics are too dark. Flash would be way too conspicuous. I usually take my pics infront of a big bank of windows but there were tons of people over there. I don't understand why they can't have better lighting for taking clothing photos. I guess polyester doesn't need natural light. Work with me people. (ha!)

Navy vintage dress Gift from Song of the Wave (urp was is her new screen name)
Red tights American Apparel
Brown sweater gap
Faux fur H&M
Brown patch work shoes Target

I made a very deep side part and kinda made a headband with the braid today. IMPOSSIBLE to photo graph on my own. I kept thinking I was turning the right way but I really need someone to frame a shot for me.
Picnik collageIMG_0516

See too dark

It is this dress

As a cheap ploy to make you cooo Waffle eating edamame

She ate TWO packages of english muffins yesterday. She is a naughty little girl. It is hard to decide how to react because even when she is demonic it is really damn cute. I look at the scar on my arm and think AWWWW!


Anonymous said...

aawww. I love Waffle!

And I'm in love with those shoes.

Emily Kennedy said...

Ooooh! One of my favorite dresses of yours! And it looks awesome all winter-fied! Also, those shoes are to die for!

miss ruta said...

i LOVE that dress on you, and especially in that color! with the red tights and the fur collar, it's scrumptious and i have mad envy. particularly for the collar. okay for all of it. wink, my cat has recently taken to opening the bottom kitchen drawer and pulling out all the dishtowels. if i clean it up, she does it again.

Beatrice said...

I loe edemame but nobody coos when I eat it.

Beatrice said...

Also, nobody coos because I don't know how to spell love

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That dress is so darling! I wish I had it!

Lisa said...

I love the shoes and the furry collar!

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone. It's weird I am very anti polyester and I don't thrift but this is both those things. (gift from a friend) and it just works wells and I like how it looks. Who would of thunk!