Monday, January 18, 2010

I'll never tell you what I do on a Saturday

or I will. Right now. It's a song. Work with me people.

This Saturday we wanted to celebrate two things.
1. Dave's last weekend before heading back to school.
2. That he is going back to school!!! He passed his portfolio! I knew he would but honestly it was not a sure thing. If he didn't pass he would of had to take a year off and reapply next year. So THANK HELLO KITTY he passed.

So to celebrate HIM we went shopping for ME (Yes I see the problem with this logic but it was HIS idea)

We drove up to Newburyport for the day. It was absolutely GORGEOUS on Saturday. It was 47 degrees and the sun was shining. It was like the whole Northeast was in a good mood. All of our brains were frozen solid and they got to thaw even if for one day. Newburyport like the name suggests is a little port town. (My favorite kind!) It is a lot like Portsmouth NH (port again.) The "big" town we grew up by. Lots of little shops and antique stores along the water.

We both had a yummy salad for lunch (little did we know we would be thankful for that later)
Dave's salad
My salad

We wandered around a went in some fun places.
My husband is a looker.
How much of a looker is my husband?!! I am one lucky girl.
We found two lunch counters and two perfumeries! I had a custom perfume made at one of them. I named it Ginger Moon (Hey I was on the spot! It was a slight nod to Ruby Vroom) It has notes of Vanilla, Musk, White Ginger and Coconut.

I got some petit fours at a bakery.
so so petit fours.
Honestly they weren't so good.
1. Because my mom wasn't there (Petit fours are our special thing when I was little)
2. They didn't come in a pink box (Like mom always got)

I got a pair of earrings to replace a pair I lost in 1999. When Dave and I were first dating, his parents gave me Garnet (Dave's birthstone) earrings the night I was leaving to go back to school after an amazing summer. (We were long distance our first few years) but on a trip to Miami in 1999 I left the earrings at my mother's house and they moved soon after and they got lost forever. The original earrings were from Kaya jewlers in Portsmouth but they no longer had them this past DECADE but Newburyport is Kaya's other location and they HAD THEM! My inlaws had given me a book of coupons for my birtday (One tea party at the Ritz, One pie, One pair of Garnet earrings) So I cashed it in! I texted her the below photo
Thanks Helen and Don!

Here are the earrings
She was so excited because it was well known how upset I was when they got lost. (The ONLY reason I had taken them out in 1999 was because my mom permed my hair like Ally McBeals body wave and the chemicals was tarnishing the earrings during the setting period!) My inlaws gave us a call and said "Want to meet for Dinner?" So we met halfway between (we live about an hour away from them) in Essex MA at everyones favorite Gluten Free Seafood place.

On the way home we had to stop off at Dave's firm. I like walking around his office because it is magic and as you walk around the lights turn on and off. (I hear there are monkeys in a control room) They also have a sample library! Carpet, paint and tile samples galore!
The benefits of working at an architecture firm? The library is full of samples of every building product you can think of. carpet, tile and paint samples galore

We ended the day with watching Bones Season 2 on DVD and snuggling with the kitten.
Saturday nite

It was pretty much the perfect day.
That is kinda why it is so hard for me when he is in school, because when he is not we have so much fun together. But now until May he is gonna be pretty tied up.(Working full time and going to school full time will do that to a person!) That's OK because I am already looking forward to an awesome summer! I am already planning a trip to my mom's house in May! (I am thinking Universal Studios this year!)

What did you do this weekend? More importantly what did you eat?


Jess said...

That sounds like a perfect day! Those earrings are gorgeous...glad you were able to find a replacement pair!!

On Friday I went to a friend's to celebrate his birthday with chicken fajita tacos and Kir Royales (champagne and creme de cassis liqueur). Then my husband Shawn & I celebrated my 30th birthday (which was yesterday) with a fun party on Saturday night, brunch buffet at Blue Mesa Restaurant yesterday, and then dinner at my mother-in-law's last night. I had to sing at a memorial service Saturday afternoon that was pretty emotionally trying, so it was nice to have all that fun to look forward to!

hillary said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the club! (I can't believe I will be 32 this year. GULP)
I am sorry about the memorial.

Marianne said...

Oh, I love Newburyport, it's such a cute town! I usually go camping in Salisbury, on the other side of the bridge and we always pass by Newburyport whenever we go to Salem or Boston.

Beck, At Her Best said...

Congrats to your husband! It looks like it was a nice weekend - and now you have earrings to go with your misnomer of a Coach bag :)

The only fun thing I did this weekend was going out for Thai food on saturday - It was International Hot & Spicy Food Day, so we bought a couple big dishes of yummy food to share between us all.

hillary said...

I don't get what you mean by misnomer of a coach bag.

Emily Kennedy said...

What a truly fabulous day! Yay for new old earrings! Yay for portfolios that pass! Yay for handsome husbands! And superyay for good food!

This weekend my hubby make us fish tacos with baked catfish yesterday and spare ribs with home-style fries for today. Mmmmmm.

Fashion Therapist said...

Loving those earrings!

Work With What You've Got said...

I'm so glad you found the earrings.

I had a really great salad for lunch on Saturday too, knowing you did as well made me smile.IDK, it's the little things...

Beck, At Her Best said...

I just meant because your green Coach bag was called the Garnet bag: green bag, red name?

hillary said...

Haha I get ya! I was wracking my brain! Garnet bag from the garnet birthday boy!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Yes! And your earrings are very lovely. My mom has a Jan birthday, so it seems like I'm always covetting her birthstone jewelry - I think garnets are much richer looking than rubies or any other red stone.

hillary said...

Eep Dave is July! I always assumed (because i was told!) it was garnet! I just googled it's ruby! Ha! Well I've assumed since before I had Internet so let's go with that. (we've dated since 96 I didn't get Internet until 97!) He looks much better in rich red than bright red anyways with his dark hair and eyes.

Beck, At Her Best said...

Oops..maybe one of the alternate stones for July is a dark red? Either way, garnets are still lovely!

chunkstyle said...

Congrats on the schoolin' news! I didn't eat anything of consequence, but made some quinoa.

Kelly said...

Oooo it sounds like a lovely weekend. Congrats to Dave and it's awesome that you got the same earrings again!

This weekend I went to the Miss Kentucky County Fair Pageant and ate a bunch of crap! KFC, McDonald's, shameful stuff like that ;-)

Lisa said...

I love Newburyport! Some of my co-workers and I go out to the taverns around there on occasion.

I also like garnets a lot. Those are really pretty.

The highlight meal of my weekend was nicoise tuna salad from Bouchee. I have this strange affinity for raw fish.

hillary said...

Thanks everyone on behalf of Dave!

Lisa I thought I had never been but my mom said I have. (I grew up in NH) She said I just was probably "that age" and it didn't interest me so I blocked it out. ha.I told her it was probably because she didn't give me spending money. haaaaa.

Anonymous said...

The earrings are beautiful!

I work in an architecture firm (I'm an admin/office manager and I maintain the library) and the samples are by far my favorite part. So many pretties!)

Anonymous said...

The earrings are beautiful!

I work in an architecture firm (I'm an admin/office manager and I maintain the library) and the samples are by far my favorite part. So many pretties!)