Monday, January 25, 2010

I meet friends on the INTERNET (please don't tell my dad)

Look who I found posing at my wall!
But you can tell mom. Well no you can't. She already knows. ha!

As I have said before I am a member of Flickr and have been the past 6 years. I had my 5th and 6th meetup this weekend! Megan of Seemegshop and Emily, Loveaslug on Flickr flew to Boston this past weekend JUST TO MEET ME! (and each other!) I am still in shock. My family comes to town and doesn't even call me! (Oh you know who you are! I am so calling you out! I am EVIL)
The first 10 minutes of us meeting was very telling of how the weekend was going to unfold!
Happy Bench Monday!
I gave them the quick and dirty tour of Boston's best.

It involved cupcakes
in the running for best photo ever.

Chinese food
OOh looky who I found!

more cupcakes

jan 22 flickr meetgup 035
We thought we were sneaky with this photo. This was the only one we posted for two days seeing how many people would catch on that The Floridian and Canadian had come to Boston! ha.

Oh and there was more cupcakes

and Marc Jacobs, H&M, Wonderfalls and lots and lots of laughing.

Pic stolen from Emily and again I am sorry Dave. Ha. I had no idea I did it until I saw the photos.

I had so much fun for them and am already trying to think of legal ways to make quick money to return the favor and visit them!

And to make the weekend just that much more complete...... Dave took me to Target after we dropped them off at the airport and pushed me around the store and picked out a new nail polish.
jan 22 flickr meetgup 011


C Lo said...

dude. I wanna come visit now! CUPCAKES!!??

katrina said...

internet pals, chinese food and cupcakes -- fun!

Lorena said...

It seems like you guys had a lot of fun... and food!
I want cupcakes !

spygrl1 said...

Ha, I think it's cute that the box in your cart says "Lots of Wows" -- a good way to describe your fun weekend. :)

Kelly said...

HAHA your subject line cracks me up. I haven't told my parents that I have a blog because I know I would get the lecture about how killers and identity thieves and the like will find me.

Chelsea said...

this post is awesome :) so glad you had a great time... it shows!

hillary said...

It does show doesn't it?

Beatrice said...

Friends cupcakes, Target, AND a fabulous green Coach bag? Sweeet!

Emily Kennedy said...

Super score! Cupcakes, interfriends, and a new Target?! You have it all!

Clare said...

FunfunFUN! I'm jealous!

BAM said...


what fun!