Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I had an almond croissant for breakfast and Konad nails attempt #12

I have a bad hair twirling habit. Its compulsory when my hair is down. Especially when I am staring off thinking. It is something I wish I knew how to stop because it isn't very posh. (Yes I am aware how insipid I sound saying that) I feel like Ms. Brahms on Are you being served? when she tried talking with a posh accent. I just need my own Henry Higgins. I am tired of being invisible in stores and such. I am a female Buster Bluth.

Oh wow too deep, having migraines does that to me. Instant life assessment.

Suede skirt Ann Taylor 2002
Sweater New York and Co 2009
Hunter green mock neck shirt Gap 2007
Necklace Banana Republic 2008
Boots Clarks 2008
Fleece Leggings gift from mom

IMG_0314clark boots english saddle
I am so torn on this skirt. I got it when Dave worked for Ann Taylor. It was a return and because it was so much after they sold it, it was on sale for $30 instead of regular price of $200. I remember him calling me after he did the return "What are your thoughts on a suede skirt" I am about 30 lbs lighter than I got it so its big on me so hangs a bit too low. I asked a tailor how much to have it altered about 5 years ago and it was going to be over $60 (with inflation maybe at least 80?) to shorten it and take it in because its lined seam sealed suede. I think I might ask my dad to have a go at it. He has gotten into sewing leather. He doesn't know how to sew clothes but he can sew gun holsters so I don't see why he couldn't try. (He might not agree with that assessment)
I painted them a dark dark dark red and I was going to live it at that because while I am all about over the top I was feeling more of a "blend in" mindset but my clear coat bubbled so pulled out the flowers to cover it all up. It is a sheer coincidence it matches my outfit today. I got a little over zealous with the cleaning up and removed too much on a few nails. eh I am probably the only once who will notice.

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Anonymous said...

I lol'd at "female Buster Bluth"

I'm still lol'ing.

Suz said...

Ahahaha Buster Bluth! My favorite Buster moment is when a bird gets into the house and he goes, "It WALKED on my PILLOW!" He just sounds so distressed. Hilarious.

Anyway, I like the suede skirt. I can't believe how expensive alterations can be though. I just learned how to take in waists of pants by myself so I'm sure I'll save myself A LOT of money throughout my lifetime.

Suz from The Chandelier

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Fleece leggings sound like a little slice of heaven!

Kelly said...

Are You Being Served? is the best show ever. My brothers and I used to hang out on Saturday nights watching British TV shows on PBS. ahhhhh good times!

Sorry about your migraine - that sucks!

That skirt sounds like a score, but if you don't like it them it sounds like you don't have much to lose by asking your dad to sew it. Alterations kill me - people always say "oh this would be awesome if you get the waist taken in!" but usually the thought of adding an extra $40 (depending on the garment, obviously) usually prices that garment right out of my budget. But it's silly to buy things at Walmart and have them tailored, because they are cheap to begin with. Ugh.

hillary said...

Kelly YES IT IS! I love love love it.

Suz I love that episode. haa I yell that often but about the cats!

thanks everyone!