Friday, January 08, 2010

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer REVIEW

This proved harder to review than I thought. Why you ask? Because primer is invisible. There isn't much to SHOW. But I can tell you about it I guess.

Over Thanksgiving I found myself at a store I only go to about twice a year because we don't have one anywhere near me.... Walmart!

So where do I head first? Same place I used to head in 7th grade when Walmart opened in my home town, the makeup aisles! They have so many brands I can't find anywhere else and you can get a lot of stuff to play with for cheap. The Mary-Kate and Ashley makeup is one of my favorites. I like to buy sparkly things I don't use often from them. But this time I saw something shocking

(Image courtesy of Walmart)
Hard Candy is now sold at Walmart! I had no idea. I wondered where they had disappeared to. I first started using them in about when they came out with sky blue polish and I was 18 and TERRIBLY COOL. (ha!)
I bought a few things from the new line and one of them was the Sheer Envy primer. It retails for $8 for 1.6 oz and you can order it online with 97 cent shipping! I have used dozens of primers over the years. My favorite up until now was Avon's and Smashbox's. (Shashbox retails for a whopping $36 for an 1 oz)

The texture is exactly like anti chafing cream (I hear they are made of similar ingredients!) or that cream Bath and Body Works had in the early 90's where it was a cream that turned into a silky powder. I was ape for that stuff. It goes on smooth smooth smooth and helps concealer and foundation lay nicely. It gives it a nice "tooth" to adhere to. I notice my skin looks smoother and more airbrushed on days I use it. But used alone it probably won't look like anything the key is it really is meant to work with makeup. I also notice I have less of the after lunch meltdown when I use it. On regular days my concealer has been eaten by my face by lunch time. This really helps it stay put. I have very sensitive skin and so far no breakout issues. I also use a light touch because primers are notorious for making you breakout.

I have one photo for you.
(You can enlarge if you insist on seeing my pores. ha)
I used primer this day and this photo has not been retouched or color corrected. My skin was NOT clear on this day and I did have some breakouts. I obviously didn't take photo with intentions on showing you my makeup but I wanted to show you SOMETHING.

If you are looking for a primer I would definitely recommend it and I think it stacks up compared to the one over 7 times the price. It also now contains SPF 15 (The one I had does not but I think people complained) I like the fact that I don't need foundation when I wear it. Normally concealer looks fake alone on my skin because of my freckles but when concealer is put onto of the primer it blends a little better and I don't need to "even out" the rest of my face.


C said...

*ding ding* I've been breaking out and your post just made me realize it might be my new primer. I'm using MAC's Prep + Prime. I've been using various primers for years and never heard that but it makes sense. Thx!

I think Hard Candy was sold or something and that is why they disappeared than reappeared. My Mom would not buy me their nail polish, so I had to buy "tease" myself with my first paycheck.

hillary said...

prep and prime made me breakout!

miss ruta said...

i heard about hard candy moving to walmart recently too!! we don't have any box stores within the city of Portland, so I'd have to try ordering it online, but i agree with you, most primers are WAY overpriced for the amount given. i've been using sephora brand primer recently and it's okay but not quite right....know what i mean?

hillary said...

We don't have box stores either. Which is good and bad. Bad when like right now where we need kitty litter and I am not paying an arm and a leg for them to poop on it. I think its a big city thing. There also isn't any room for one! The target we go to is a 20 minute drive but its an excuse to go for a drive!

Emily Kennedy said...

Thanks for the product review! I swear, your product reviews are the best because you're refreshingly honest and smart!

Kelly said...

Thanks for this! I got a pricey primer sample and it was great, but couldn't justify it because I wouldn't wear it often it's good to know this is at Walmart if I need it!

Kelly said...

Thanks for this! I got a pricey primer sample and it was great, but couldn't justify it because I wouldn't wear it often it's good to know this is at Walmart if I need it!