Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Bangs,

Dear bangs.
We've been together for 28 years. (Remember those first 3 years where I was BALD). We have gone through a lot of stages over the years.
Don't let your mom perm your hair!!
Matilda - good twinWhy you shouldn't take hair cues from gay men.
I hate this photoPhoto 706.jpg
You keep pissing me off. In September I made you thicker by adding more to the thickness and on each side and gave you a swoopy thing. You are were impossible to keep up that just right I don't look like I tried swoopy thing on the side as you grew. You had to be trimmed just SO you looked like they are just OH GROWING OUT AREN'T WE CUTE LIKE ZOOEY. I have been thinking for weeks I wanted to cut you blunt like we used to be. I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic last night and decided I wanted you back to blunt like Leslie's character
So I chopped you. I went a bit shorter than I wanted but that is typical. I obsessively tried to neaten you until you were even and you ended up half an inch above my eyebrows. (it's raining you are limp but NORMALLY they will be above eyebrows until they grow in some)
Now today? I kinda hate you. You only looked good when I fussed with you the second before a photo. If not then you looked like this.
jan 22 flickr meetgup 037
So I chopped you. Thinking it would fix everything.
But now? I think you are too thick and go too far across. (Remember I added a bunch when I changed them in Sept)
This was you in July before I added to you.
keep purple necklace mark earrings detail

I wish you would just lay flat already I am tried of fussing with you.

(Last week and today. Mind you in the left photo I fussed with them to lay like that for the photo. They don't stay laying nice like that.)

Annoyed and clip happy in Boston


Dave77459 said...

How funny. I was gonna comment on your photo today about how awesome your bangs looked. They do.

KayeStar said...

you may currently hate your bangs (you look lovely either way).. but i currently love you! I just received my konad stamper and 4 plates! thank you for turning me on to this, cant wait to try it out!

Liz said...

I love your bangs! I have recently learned that I, too, must have bangs and I'm still trying to figure out what's best for my face/hair/(lack of) style. Do you have any tips on cutting bangs on your own? This going-to-the-hair-stylist-just-for-a-bang-trim thing is kinda ridiculous!

Emily Kennedy said...

Bwaaa ha ha ha! After not having bangs for the past 8 years or so, I just added them this past Saturday. Thanks for the preview of the conversations that bangs and I will be sharing in the future.

Also, I mentioned your question about wetting your hair on the days between washing, which is also kind of my question, to my hairdresser. As you may remember, I have stick straight hair that gets greasy easily. She said it would be a bad idea for me to wet my hair on the in-between days. She said it's all good for the curly ladies, but folks like me should just let it lie dry. :)

Adeline said...

hi Hillary! I'd like to let you know that you've been chosen to receive the best blogger award by me Adeline at My Vintage Image.

hillary said...

It took everything in my power to not trim them more last night in an attempt to straighten them more even though they are straight I justhaveadmancowlick!

adeline. thank you so much! I will hop over and see!

thanks everyone!