Friday, January 22, 2010

Danger Will Robinson

Ha my serious face is SERIOUS. I probably thought I was smiling too.

Danger Danger all details are lost in this photo. danger! Fashion emergency.

Navy brocade with black satin Jacket Ann Taylor Loft for $5 and it retailed for $125
Black turtleneck H&M
Trousers Gap
Boots knock off Fryes from Target
Necklace gift from Megankills
Earrings gift husband
Bangles gift from mom
Earrings gift from inlaws

Please see below for an old photo that shows the jacket much better. jacket detail blue brocade ann taylor loftUSED THIS ONEtarget frye boots
I have an uberexciting weekend coming up. I will let you all in on it later. Lets just say I am nervous as hell!
What are your plans for this weekend? What are you wearing today?


Ally said...

I love navy and black together like this. I don't, however, love it when I get dressed in the dark and grab one navy sock and one black sock :(

Sal said...

I'm with Ally - navy and black are so edgy together. And this is a great pairing of feminine and tough, with the ruffles and boots.

Lorena said...

Love that jacket and how you dressed it down with jeans ...
I am wearing nothing fun, I feel kinda bored about it.
But, this weekend COULD be exiting.. as I just might head to the beach with my H and by pigs.. I meant dogs.

BAM said...

I'm happy to be wearing jeans today because it was warm enough to ride my scooter to work! Totally made my morning..

We are um, going to the monster truck show on saturday. for real.

People laugh, but that stuff is undeniably entertaining!

Kelly said...

The trim on that jacket is so fun. Also, I like you in jeans more than I like most people in jeans. Including myself. Maybe I just need to get trouser-y jeans like you. Hmmmm.

This weekend is a lot of errandy things and hopefully seeing the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus!

BAM - there was a commercial for a monster truck show yesterday and I soooo want to go. I've only seen monster trucks once (it was the half-time show at a demolition derby, which I LOVE) and I was surprised at how much fun it was. When they jump in the air my stomach flops!

mamichan said...

maybe you can help me with me weekend plans. going to a benefit tomorrow night at the art gallery where i'm on the board. not fancy cocktail attire, but dressy. tomorrow it's cold, raining, and snowing... what the heck should i wear at night?

evanadine said...

my weekend will be spent cleaning and packing, prepping for our move next weekend. sounds fun, doesnt it? i can tell you really wanna help! ;)

Erin said...

this jacket is GORGEOUS! it's the type of jacket that I occasionally buy, but never manage to wear due to lack of nerve.

Chelsea said...

Oh that jacket is great! I loooooove it :)

This weekend I've got nada but cleaning and errands. Fun! And I'm working from home today so I'm in old school everlast leggings and a big ugly cotton sweater. Hottness!!

Kristen said...

That jacket is HOT, and the navy and black is great together.

I am thinking I might hit some thrift stores this weekend, which I don't really do. Also continue my boots hunt.

Kristen said...
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Clare said...

Such a great jacket! And you are ROCKING that hair color.

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Oh wow, I love that jacket!! It's so fantastic. Hope the weekend was good!