Thursday, January 21, 2010


ahem. That's a lot of brown yo. Hey others wear head to toe black...

I am holding the shelf because when I had my hands on my waist or hips you couldn't see the peplum. This was my way to distract my hands.

Brown tweedy knit skirt New York and Co
Brown tweedy sweater with pale pink silk inserts Anthropologie
Brown ribbed tights Vera Wang
Brown boots Aldo (2002!)
Brown shirt Target
Necklace gift from husband.

and this one
I bought myself a new lipstick. I went to MAC and said I dyed my hair I want a NEW color I have never worn so I walked out with dark plum. Very Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes. She wore at least two different colors in the movie. My next goal is to get the dark bricky color.
IMG_0744brown aldo bootsback

I have had this sweater for awhile. (year or two. I think two?) and I love it but it is one of those things I was so blinded by my love for it I didn't really think about how I would wear it. Well if we are going to get technical. I was so blinded by Dave's love for it. He was in mad love with it and insisted I get it. But I never know how to wear it. It's short because of the peplum so it doesn't look good with 95% of my jeans which was my first instinct with it.

So I have a question for you "Don't wash my hair everyday" people. I have tried and tried to "train" my hair but it just isn't working out. But this color is a BITCH to keep up. So I want to try yet again to train it. When you say you don't wash everyday do you still get it wet? Or just shower cap it. What do you do in between? I use hair powder and SOMETIMES I can squeak an extra day but I usually have to wash everyday. Let me know what you do and I will try that if I haven't already.

Edited to add. I am not looking to change my dye. After so many misses over the years I am happy with the dye, color and how my hair reacts to it I just want to prolong it. (I also wish I didn't need 3 boxes!)


Becky said...

There's a distinct chance we're wearing the same skirt today! Did yours come with a skinny belt? Lady, your new dye job and lipstick color are SO working! You just look fabulous...and I want to steal that sweater!

hillary said...

no belt. It doesn't have any loops its made up from a bunch of panels.

Lorena said...

Hillary this is very pretty, brown looks great and YOUR HAIR !!!
Ok, before I used to wash my hair everyday.
It was Crisco Oil oily.
Then a few (2) years back my white hairs started to drive me insane so I decided to dye my hair.
Now, since it is so thin and frail I dye it with henna.
Henna keeps my hair shiny but not oily ! I can go over 3 days without washing !

D'Et said...

There are a lot of really good dry shampoo products out there. My favorite is the TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret. It's really, really good. I have very fine hair that gets greasy *really* easily. This stuff smells nice and is very lightweight.

The color looks really amazing, by the way! Is that the Feria color you used to use? I love the plum lips, too. Looks great, Hillary!

evanadine said...

i was my hair every other or every third day. it does get seriously oily, though -- those are usually the days you see my with my hair pulled back in my blog...on days i dont wash it i dont even get it wet.

hillary said...

Lorena I had BAD experience with Henna. My mom is a hairdresser and I think her exact words were "if you ever use henna again I am gonna hurt you"

D'Et R36 Chocolate Cherry. I have used the same one for 12 years. The changed the picture on it recently so you have to make sure you get two from the same batch (well I am up to 3 boxes) I use dry shampoo and it doesn't seem like enough. I use Ojon and Oscar Blandi or Fekkai.

Evandine. That is my problem GREASY but I have bangs I can't pin them back. Just washing the bangs doesn't seem to help. Pooh.

Work With What You've Got said...

This is STUNNING on you. The cut, the color, the lipstick.

Sal said...

Man, I second Erin. What a fabulous look, all around.

chunkstyle said...

My mom uses henna and it works for her, I guess she is made for it since she is a Lucille Ball redhead!
I just get it wet and use conditioner when it comes to "not washing" use a color-helping conditioner. I dye blondish and am always trying to lengthen times between coloring.

chunkstyle said...

Oh and also you look fab of course!

hillary said...

I'd walk over and say hi but you no here! booo. How can we gossip about the candidate. hee. No jk I really liked her.

Emily Kennedy said...

I think when women with straight hair are talking to women with curly hair about how often they wash, it's almost like two different conversations. My curly haired friends can go 5 - 10 days without washing, but they normally still wet their hair on the in-between days and condition the ends.

Dude, if I did that with my naturally straight hair it would be a disaster. I wash every other day. I just switched to doing this after 30 years of washing every day. I made myself stick to every other day for a 6 week probationary period, and girl, I graphed that baby, because it was the only way I would stick to it. Anyways, I do not wet my hair on the in-between days, and it seems just fine, probably because I don't go as long as all those other talented ladies.

Kelly said...

HILLARY you look so good today! It is a lot of brown but that + your new hair + new lipstick = hooootttt!

I don't wash my hair every day. I used to do it every 4 days or so, but now I have a serum I put in every night (B&B thickening - crossing my fingers that it works) so I've had to cut it down to every 3 days. On my non-wash days I don't get it wet at all. I use a shower cap. Usually the day I wash it, I blowdry and style (straighten or wave) and wear it down. Day 2 is my favorite - I pretty much down't do a damn thing and I also wear it down. Sometimes I might curl the ends or something. Day 3 it's not really greasy but I lose all my volume at the roots so I wear it up. The next morning is another Day 1 (unless I'm being really lazy, then I use hair powder and stretch it another day, but it's not my prettiest day). Although I think not shampooing every day is good for your hair, my biggest reason for doing it is just that I hate blowdrying. So getting it wet would defeat the whole purpose for me.

Lorena said...

Omg... can I ask... what happened to you with henna ?
It's always good to know... :(

Chelsea said...

Your hair color is just blowing me away every time I see it! I know you use the same one you have for years, but it just looks so darn SASSY right now, I can't help but compliment it (and you) as much as possible!

And what is that lipstick? I want it! I've been searching for a similar color, and ended up with fuchsia (which I like, too, but this one is so awesome!).

And that sweater is amazing. What if you wore it OVER a longer t-shirt and then jeans. I use that trick with short stuff so I don't end up looking shortwaisted (which I think I am).

And I don't wash my hair every day... maybe every 3-4 days? Depending on how the ole scalp is feeling and how much product I've been using on it. For the days that I don't wash I use a shower cap. It's glamorous.

Biba said...

Absolutely fabulous outfit! I love brown (I blogged about it only recently) and your combination is simply stunning. Your top photo? Definitely a professional model!

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Love the new dark hair color, tres dark, sexy and mysterious. The lip color is awesome.

hillary said...

Lorena. Email me!

hillary AT byhillary DOT com

Anonymous said...

First and foremost - I agree with Dave, I think the sweather is just heaven - especially the peplum. Love it with the skirt you're wearing.

But I get where you're coming from, I have a similar sweater, but mine's black, and it IS hard to find good pants or skirts for it..

I don't wash my hair daily, usually it's been every other day or third. But it is harder when you have bangs ofcourse.. But I believe that if you're washing it every day and try to cut back on that, then the hair needs some time to adjust. It has been like that for me anyway. I've really tried to stretch out the periods between washes, since I've had a lot of problems with a dry scalp....

Lisa said...

The brown looks great and so does the sweater! I also really like your lipstick.

Suz said...

I didn't get this out of my system yesterday, like you said, so sorry but... I LOVE THE HAIR!

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

I love the all brown and that sweater is gorgeous! I'm also loving the hair color. I'm not sure I've ever seen it freshly done before so this is new to me. LOVE it.

As for my hair, I'm with you on washing it every day. I'd say I wash mone 5 days a week. I just don't like it otherwise. I'm trying really hard to give it a break more often though.

Bianca said...

The brick red is going to be stunning. Can't wait! :-)

Kristen said...

That sweater is fab. Dave has great taste.

I'll be looking forward to seeing what dry shampoo you test. I have the same greasy problem.

Ally said...

Wear that lipstick every single day. Love it.

Oh and my hair's a hot mess all the damn time so I just wash it every other day. I've given up. It's bone straight and fine (but not thin. Weird) and doesn't do anything other than hang.

Clare said...

Hillary, you look absolutely STUNNING today. The hair, the outfit. Seriously FAB. U. LOUS!

In terms of the hair stuff, I always wash every other day. It was greasy for awhile, but after a couple of weeks it adjusts. No real trick, just giving it time to adjust.

Beatrice said...

You are so totally rockin' that new hair color! I love it!!!

shizzknits said...

I love the new hair color, too! It's great with the lipstick!

As for the washing...I recently tried stretching out the days between shampooing too, for much the same reason (had my hair colored and want it to last longer). I think it just really depends on your hair type- mine is very fine (think baby hair), moderately thick, and somewhat oily. The only product I use is some gel stuff in my bangs so they lay straight.

I can go two days between shampooing, but after that my hair becomes completely stringy and gross. I rinse my hair with water on the days I don't shampoo- if I don't, it will get too greasy and hang in stringy strings LOL Not very attractive.

Oh, and I tried the no-poo method, but that didn't work out at all. I gave up after three weeks. Plus I do a lot of hot yoga and sorry, but ACV doesn't work to wash all the sweat and grime out (at least it didn't for me).

BAM said...

Even though everyone already said it, I love that lipstick on you! Its great.

I don't wash everyday - I bust out the showercap. For me it works not washing often, but I'll add that with curly hair it is a little harder to tell if our hair is dirty.

Good luck with the color!

Tina said...

You look stunning. Absolutely stunning. Every single thing in this outfit is sheer perfection.

I wash my hair about every 4 days. My hair is wavy, so some days I wear it "curly" and other days I wear it straight. The choice affects how good my hair looks after the first few days. When I wear it curly, I get it wet every other day and it's harder to go without washing it. When I wear it straight, I blow dry it the first day. I don't do anything the 2nd day. On the 3rd sometimes I have to hit it with a flat iron. And sometimes on the 4th day I wear a hair powder in it.

I do not shower; I take a bath on non-wash days. If I take a shower, then I wear a shower cap. If I workout or get sweaty, then I usually have to wash my hair after 3-4 days instead of 4-5, otherwise my head gets itchy and I have greasy roots.

I will say that training your hair is something that you really have to do. I started out washing every day. Then every 36 hours (with some major greasiness as I got close to that 36 hour mark), then every other day, and I just built on that. It's taken me years to get to where I don't have to wash every day. Also, I think it's important to note, I have very dry skin, so it's easier for me to wash less frequently. And people with curly hair can usually go longer. And if you use a hair dryer and a round brush on non-wash days, it can help with the grease at the roots too.

I don't have bangs, but I know from friends that do, it makes it harder to go long periods without washing your hair b/c they touch your face, but I have heard of people who just wash their bangs without washing the rest. I don't think that would help with your fading issue, though since your bangs would just fade faster than the rest of your hair.

I hope you find something that works for you!