Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely Kristen of Low Fat Dressing was kind enough to honor me with the "Beautiful Blogger Award" I get shy when I get things like this and my self depricating nature kicks in and I want to yell things like BUT WHY ME I DON'T DESERVE IT! But maybe I do? She thought I did.
So thank you! (See I am working on it. working on it. baby steps. OK more like tiny kitten steps.)
I am supposed to give you 7 (more) random facts about me. I feel like I am running out of the interesting to tell you. I am going to completely bite off hers for my 7.

1. I have been to both Disney World and Disney Land and I loved them both. I plan to go back this year! (hopefully for our 14th anniversary!)
2. I hope to one day have children.
3. Dave and I have names picked out for those kids and refer to future them by name.
4. I won't tell you what they are though. :)
5. I fear someone will steal the name from me and I will forever resent them. Someone did that to my mom. I know it kinda bugged her even though she didn't plan to have anymore kids.
6. I am thankful my mom didn't have more kids! ha. I enjoy my only child status.
7. I wasn't spoiled by my parents due to that only child status. My gram and pop? Well yeah, they totally spoiled me. ROTTEN. Who do you think took me to Disney? :)

I think we have our christmas card


evanadine said...

i <3 disney and whenever you get to go back i will totally live vicariously through you. :)

Emily Kennedy said...

Haa ha ha ha! My husband and I don't have kids yet either and we call the future children by name as well, but they are joke names. His name is CK and mine is Emily, so we call them Ckayla and Emile. You know, switch genders, keep the name. He he!

mamichan said...

3, 4, 5 totally reminded me of what happened to Charlotte on SATC with her secret baby girl name. Don't tell anyone!!

Lisa said...

You totally deserve the award, congratulations! Speaking of which, I love your outfit in the post below. You look so good in yellow.

I have trouble with baby names, because I could never use a name that one of my students had . . . and I have had a lot of students.

Kristen said...

So glad you did these; I love that picture of you guys in the mouse ears!

Even though we don't want kids, I still have a name picked out from when I was younger. It's a family name so every time one of my cousins has a baby I brace myself that they are going to use it. Luckily no one has yet!

Suz said...
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