Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and the moonlight shines like a luminous girl tonight& Konad nails attempt 14

Shirt, sweater and cami H&M all from different years
Tights American Apparel
Shoes Clarks
Belt Target
Necklace Marc Jacobs
Denim pencil skirt NY & Co

I have been coveting giant shoulders since I saw the Marc Jacobs Pagoda dress. I finally found them this weekend. I was so afraid I would ruin it or the laundry would shrink it I bought up a size just in case (it is H&M after all)

But it is a bit too big and does a wingy thing under the arm. Does that bother you?

I set my clock upside down so when I look at it, it is the right time. That was Dave's idea. He is so smaht sometimes.

I chose the wrong shoes for this. I think if it was black tights it would of been ok but its fighting with the denim and red tights. At least they are heels.
black oxfords clarks

For my nails I finally tried out the argyle stamp. It is another one you have to be pretty precise to make it look nice. It is a bit messed up on a few fingers. I think with practice I will start to get the hang of getting it straight. I prefer the ones that let me be messy and imprecise though.

We have an unofficial official graduation date! December.... wait for it...... 2010!!!!!!!!!! Boo yaaaaaaa bitches as in 11 months from now. Dave will not be pursing a Masters at his current school so instead he will graduate with his Bachelors this year! ahahaha I am so over the moon about it that it isn't even funny. He started classes again last night and he has class every night of the week and on Monday it is FIVE HOUR CLASS(mind you this is after working all day). 5:15 to 10:15 (gets home about 11) But he came home with McDonald's fries for me. Which is a big deal being as he can't eat them (his allergies) Grad school is not out of the picture. It just won't be there. I secretly hope he goes to Hahvahhd just so I can say "When my husband was at Hahhhvaaad" (If you know me at all this is funny because I am SO unimpressed with Harvard until Dave does something with them. He gave a talk last year and I was like proud wife taking pics in the audience)


Sal said...

How sassy are YOU in those red lips? And tights. And various other accents.

Oranges And Apples said...

I love your makeup today! and I always admire your nails. I just don't have the patience for this kind of stuff, I wish I did.

hillary said...

Haaa It makes me want to scream when people say that. I have ADD and it literally takes under 2 minutes and I do it while watching tv, playing on computer and reading a book. No patience involved. ha. If I had patience they wouldn't always get smudged. It is also the reason why I got polish on my laptop and my sweater last week. I was doing too many things at once.

Oranges And Apples said...

oh ok, it just looks complicated! I never even paint my nails, so this all is like a foreign world to me!

hillary said...

oh sorry. Haa. It is a stamp. Easy peasy pudding pie!
Please know I was being melodramatic too. :)

Kelly said...

This picture makes me so happy:


I don't know why. Everything is just perfect. Also I love your red lips with this outfit!

ebinbaby said...

I'm totally using this outfit for inspiration tomorrow!! It's mahvelous dahling!! The shoes for my outfit prove to be a dilemma for me as well...

Emily Kennedy said...

Supercute rocking the statement shoulder, the red lip and the oxford bootie. I think the shoes go. I also think yes, that sweater is too big. You overestimate your size, because probably even the size you normally would buy would be too big. S'ok though. It just adds to the statement!

SparkleGroove said...

omg.... I la-ove your nails!!! I must know where I can find these stamps.. pretty please, with a cherry on top?

hillary said...

Sparkle no secret! I've blogged all 14 times.

warning they are addictive. My mom is doing it!

Clare said...

Okay, everything about this is awesome. AWESOME!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love that sweater and the details on the sleeves! Very cute!

KayeStar said...

The konad nails are super addictive and super easy (i never paint my nails.. toes yes, but nails i seem to mess up too much, but the stamp makes it oh so fun!). Thanks again for the discount! You look fab as always, i love all the red goodness. the "wings" are a bit off, but its not like you walk around with both hands on your hips all day!