Friday, January 01, 2010


Waffle hopes you all had a safe and Happy New y...ZzzzzzzzzOK she kinda slept through it. Today is actually my dad's birthday
too. Happy 52nd dad! He won't actually read this because he wouldn't even begin to understand a blog. Heee actually it might be fun to tell him just to hear his worst case scenario speeches.
Oh right New Years. We ended up staying home due to the snow and watched 7 episodes of Bones and ate spectacular homemade spice cupcakes with maple syrup frosting. ( we later caught Waffle licking the beaters and I swear she had frosting breath for an hour.)

Today we had lunch with my sister in law and Dave's parents. It also happens to be Dave's 6th gluten free anniversary. He hasn't had a single piece of gluten (knowingly) in 6 years.
As many of you know I am an Uberlist member. This year it would be 110 to do items. (109 in 2009 you get the idea) this past year was the first time in 5 years I didn't post it public. I also have no idea how well I did. I usually figure out stats on it all. I give myself until Jan 6th to finish the list. I am not religious but just the phrase The Epiphany is so fitting for a due date. Off the top of my head I do know I read more books than I hoped. I didn't really travel though (economy hit Dave this year at work) we bought a car we hadn't intended and having pets can get VERY costly.
I did finally weed my damn closet and donate 30+ pairs of shoes. (I didn't count because I was horrified how many I had and didn't wear

Some things making this years list:
Keep working at my 2 out for 1 in (clothing wise)
Buy only natural fibers (unless that fiber is sparkly. I did so well
at this, this past year)
Save up for a very big frivilious item I'm coveting.
Get Daisyboo's Diabetes eliminated. I hear it has happened.
Keep dairy to an absolute minimum(I won't curb it totally. At least
I'm honest with myself)
More "what did I learn from this" less ""why me?"
More water.
Less talking.
More smiling.
How is your 2010 shaping up?


Anonymous said...

cheers to more smiling. i need to do that, too. 2010 is going well so far. got a nice hair cut and wore a skirt (one of my resolutions is to wear more skirts/dresses).

how do you become an Uberlist?

happy new year!

Lisa said...

I like your list. Good job on donating shoes. I always convince myself that I will somehow wear them again and then hold onto them. I'm better about clothes for some reason.
Waffle is too adorable. Looking at her makes me wish I wasn't allergic to cats.

hillary said...

I'm allergic to cats. It's all about conditioning. I can't be around other peoples but I'm ok with mine but I took time. Daisy I have to wash my hands as soon as I touch but nt waffle as she's a different type of cat with a different coat. My allergist just used to give me shots of what I'm allergic to and that's what happened with the cats. First two weeks were rough and lots of benadryl.

hillary said...

It used to be a community but it is pretty much defunt now. An uberlist is just a very large list of items.

Some of my old ones.

Katrina that is a great list item and has been mine in the past!

BAM said...

eh, 2010 is off to a rough start - but I'm forcing optimism b/c every cloud has a silver lining (and all that junk).

I was thinking today that i should create a little resolution...something realistic and attainable. I like your list.