Friday, December 18, 2009

A year in clothing 2009

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A random sampling of my outfits in 2009. (OK it might not of been totally random and I picked ones because I liked them but these are by far not my favorites.)

Things I learned this year.
I look good in pencil skirts! I always thought they wouldn't look good on me so I avoided them.
I like colors.
I can kinda sew! (I made the skirt I wore in March)
I really enjoy vintage "feeling" outfits (I don't own much vintage at all)
I like to dress girlie.
I can totally change how a dress looks with a few accessories. (I am wearing same dress in April and November photos)
A 50mm lens does an odd shortening thing when I don't stand far enough away! It is NOT a full length portrait lens. (February)

Which is your fave? Have you learned any lessons clothing wise?


Chelsea said...

love this... leopard print and blue is still my favorite :)

Andrea said...

i think my favorite is the first and last. You look so cute with the long leggings!

Kelly said...

I can't pick a fave... I like March, April, and September!

hillary said...

awe thanks ladies. I get such a kick out of hearing what other people's faves are. I don't know which one I like. I didn't post my favorite of the year I should go nab it off flickr and post it.

Emily Kennedy said...

You are adorably girly, but in a smart, bold way. This was a great style year for you!

That blue dress is killer on you. Also, I quite like the outfits with patterned cardigan. You rock them well.