Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in my bag, the "Damn it's cold out" edition

I am not even gonna "front" as the kids say and pretend I am sitting around my house in sequins and 4 inch heels. I have on my new owl flannel pjs and herringbone socks. Dave is working on his portfolio the past few days and I have just showered and transferred myself to a new set of pjs each day. Now that is opulence! New pjs everyday! Imagine the pile of laundry. Ok wait don't imagine because you would lose what little respect you have for me. WHO is gonna drag their laundry 4 blocks to the laundromat when its 20 below with the windchill? NOT ME! I didn't bring home 4 suitcases worth of laundry to my parents house for Christmas. Certainly not! Ok maybe it was 5 bags. But whose couting? I think it is expected from us. My dad knows the laundry situation being a city dweller and he used me as an excuse to get the more expensive front loader. For all the times I bring clothes home. HA! OK!

OH right! You're here to snoop in my bag. (everything is clickable today!)

DISCLAIMER (shit I say that a lot don't I?) It would APPEAR I have a small problem but I assure you I do not. It just so happens that I am carrying all this Coach stuff at once. I don't even shop there but maybe once a year. Dave got me the purse as a birthday present. I bought myself the wallet after I lost the second person in a month and had a LIFE IS SHORT I WANT A PURPLE ADULT WALLET WITHOUT HELLO KITTY ON IT so I dipped into my "Ladies nice things" account (bled it dry). Then I got the Ocelot case because its OCELOT (You must click here if you do not get the why) I apologize in advance it will be stuck with you for MONTHS.

Then Dave got his annual 25% off coupon which we had never actually used before in previous years. I try not to buy things just because they are on sale. I get them because I want them and try to get them on sale. You understand the difference? I got myself the cashmere gloves because I wanted them and I had a coupon.(I actually wanted them in lilac but Dave convinced me what a BAD IDEA it would be for me to have pastel gloves) For Christmas I got my mom a wristlet in purple. I have to admit I was JEALOUS so I got myself the periwinkle one so they wouldn't be the exact same. (Mom thank you again for not having additional children because I couldn't of handled the sharing thing!) I would rather give you something than share. I am just like that. So that is how I ended up with 5 Coach items all in one spot. Perfectly reasonable. hrmph.

Items in list form

*Wristlet has contact drops, bandaids, lipbalm, hair tie and migraine meds in it.
*Ocelot case has work id and T pass in it.
*Gloves (worn under mittens because its COLD out)
*Hand made mittens custom made for ME by EMILY! I was swooning over Kate Spade's mittens and asked for help from my knittin frens to try to make my own. But I hurt my wrist (again) and Emily made me a pair for Christmas. I have to be the luckiest girl ever. Who needs snooty Kate Spade when you can have Emily B Haute Couture knittin kitten? (Dave H, Haute Couture is custom made to order fashion. The best of the best)
*Nook and case
*Brochures for cat insurance (Is Daisyboo insurable now she has Diabetes?)
*Vanilla hand lotion santizer. I don't ever feel clean from it because it doesn't dry the dickens out of my hands. But I got it because it wouldn't dry out my hands. CAN'T WIN.
*African wood carved pen
*Glass nail file. GET ONE NOW. You will glad you did.
*Tiny coin purse (from Santa)
*Pouch with noise cancelling ear buds. If I hear my cube mate sighing and huffing at his desk one more time I might hurt someone. I wear them for his protection.
*Small jar of ginger vanilla lotion I concocted and am madly in love with.
*Hello Kitty gingerbread lip balm (Santa!)
*Migraine meds. Started new strength today and so far no dizzy! (Before at the lower dose it was killing me. I felt drunk for two hours after I took it)

And a bonus. When Dave was supposed to be working on other things last night he made this picture of Waffle. I am to say how her in the plane is NOT photoshopped but her in the plane on the scene is. He wants people to know she owns a cardboard plane. Because it's funnier.

P.S I like parenthesis. (a lot)

P.P.S Anyone know the name of my bag? I can't remember for the life of me.

P.P.P.S If you got all the way down here you deserve an award.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the name of the bag but I get an award anyways, right?

Kelly said...

Have I ever said how much I love that you have a Lady's Nice Things account?

hillary said...

I have had a joint account with dave since I was 19. I feel bad buying expensive purses from our account that we are desperately trying to save for a down payment for a house. So I have my work put 20 into a separate bank every week before they pay me. If I want something I need to SAVE UP. That way too I can say I BOUGHT THIS. Instead of we bought it. Thrilling when you've shared an account for so long. I don't feel bad that way either. He can have a Manly Things account if he wants!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I'm a dork - I googled "Coach Green Bag" and it came up with a photo that looks like yours. The Garnet bag? Does that sound right?

Your post also gives me a chance to ask if you ever check out the tumblr blog "Fuck Yeah! Whats in your bag?" http://fuckyeahwhatsinyourbag.tumblr.com/
Thats all they do is post photos of peoples purses and what's inside them. I get a kick out of it.

Also, thank you for the ocelot bit, I'll be able to torment my boyfriend for ages with it. :)

hillary said...

YES! that's it! I knew the name was contrary. Red name green bag. Thank you. I have not seen that blog but I am so adding it to my rss stat!

SparkleGroove said...

Hmm... Glass nail file.. I might have to look into that. I love these type of posts. So fun. :o)

Anonymous said...

wow, you've got such great stuff. i love your purse! i've gotta do one of these posts some day -- seems like a fun blog thing to do.

Jess said...

As you might can tell from my Flickr, I also love the bag contents posts. Hooray!

That ocelot case is ADORABLE and I might kind of need it now. :) I also love your purple wallet...I am way too into purple right now.

I don't think you should have to apologize for having too many Coach items. I look like I have the same problem, but I only ever shop there about once/twice a year myself, as well as possibly get things as gifts. I got my first Coach three years ago and my mother threw a fit because she didn't understand my need to have something really nice. I refuse to apologize for it...it's MY money that I save up (or gift cards) and I can do what I like with them!

Anonymous said...

This was a fun post! I now have a new favorite, silly website thanks to your ocelot link, and I ADORE the Waffle Ace pic.

I need to think more about Coach. I don't like their logo stuff, but I love the leather. I bought what I thought was a nice leather Fossil wallet last year, and it hasn't held up very well. Haute Look ( are you a member?) had a really good Coach sale about a month ago, but I didn't take advantage of it. Again, I think it's that thing about not feeling like I deserve something really nice. I love the idea of your separate bank account.

Dave77459 said...

Thank you for calling my attention to this post. Because it is teh awesome. And also because I am called out in it! (Note to those who don't know: I am not The Dave. I am A Dave, Dave H.)

I did a lot of clicky clacky to bone up on linked stuff. Consequently, I am not as dumb as I was an hour ago (I read slowly).

However, I have the following pointed remarks:

* You can still wear 4" heels even in PJs. I believe that is the rule in Paris, at least among the members of Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris. Or the studios of the San Fernando Valley.

* My Ex used to work for a leather goods and gift store, so she had/has scads of Coach. That part I understood, far too well.

* Did you mention the pictured peapod with smiling pea in the text?

* What breed is Waffle? I watched a show on APL called "Cats 101" that described the attributes of different breeds.

* I gots lots of OCELOT. I hope it is stuck in your head now.

Lisa said...

I love looking at the stuff in your bag. I don't know the style of bag so I guess no award for me. I just got myself a big Coach bag as a holiday gift, and I know it sounds ridiculously, but it makes me feel glamourous. Even today when I went out in sweats in the 11 degree weather to get iced coffee . . .

Sidewalk Chalk said...

That bag is gorgeous -- what a great present! Love the "Ladies Nice Things" account. :) - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Kara said...

I just want to say, your blog makes me smile.

I think all of your coach stuff is fantastic, it's always nice to save up and get something really great. I bought my first coach this year and am hooked!

Is that a Kindle? Do you like it?