Sunday, December 06, 2009

What did you do today? Oh I MADE MAKEUP

I have been itching to make some eye shadows for what FEELS LIKE AN ETERNITY and I finally ordered some supplies. This afternoon Dave and I put some Lady Gaga on the stereo, sat down and made 3 colors each. Can you tell who made which ones? (It isn't a test, I promise)

I think for our first attempt we were very successful. I can already tell which colors I want to make more of. We made very small amounts this time just so we could get an idea what it was like working with the different ingredients. I really should of taken a picture of us in our dust masks. I only ordered one so he wore a Marc Jacobs bandanna with cowboys on it. He didn't laugh at my joke about cowboys not wearing picture of cowboys. The irony was lost on him?

It was easy and fun and I can see me doing it often. The only issue is I have to lock up the cats, wear a dust mask that fogs up my glasses. and it makes a MESS. I don't have a table nor counters in my apartment so it was all done around an Ikea coffee table.

I had thought I might make some for Christmas presents but to be frank my homemade presents are NEVER well received. I would spend hours, sometimes days making something and have such high hopes just for the person to dislike it, not use it or not appreciate it. I'd rather drop $2o bucks I don't really have, then experience that disappointment again. So I am gonna have a LOT of new makeup. :)


Chloe said...

Eeeek! So cool!

Mary said...

That's awesome! I think if I ever started making my own eyeshadow I'd never stop... these look so fantastic!

BAM said...

How cool! I was wondering about the makeup supplies I saw on your wishlist/pot.

I'm the same way about handmade. I'm actually mulling it over this I spend the time to make something that I would love to give, or just fork over money and avoid feeling a little hurt??


Kayla said...

That is so cool! I've never even considered making make-up. What a great idea!

Kelly said...

AWESOME. I love that deep purple/blue color especially.