Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend roundup

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Mega uber insane lack of sleep this week. The only outfit preplanned was Monday's. I cleaned out my closet last weekend and came up with it when I found my S sweater (in person it has seen better days) My personal favorite was Tuesday. I grew up in New England and 50's poetry professor was always a look I admired. (the irony that I don't actually like poetry is not lost on me)
I find well (emphasis on well) dressed men VERY inspiring. I have a not so secret desire for a three piece suit so I can do my own Burroughs look,William S. OF COURSE. The Gentleman Junkie (I just googled it to make sure I spelled junkie right and was HORRIFIED the first hit was a BAND!!! That is not right. How do we fix this??) He may of played William Tell with his wife and did enough drugs to bring down a small nation but he looked dapper as hell doing it.

Hey Santa! A perfectly cut 3 piece suit in a size 8 that is cut for a woman but not womanly???

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