Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekend roundup

I warned you I was running a bit behind. Here is the collages of the past two weeks outfits.

Last week I had a hurt foot. I dropped a bottle on it the weekend before. I really liked all three outfits actually. I wish I had been able to wear the shoes I wanted! The mini skirt one was my favorite. I felt good in it.

This week I felt more "on" then previous weeks. The trick this week? The last 3 outfits weren't planned ahead. They were running around in the morning and I was late to work all three days. (5 minutes but I am such a timely person usually!!)

My favorite was visually was the leopard oe but I felt the most comfy in the smock dress and legging! It was the only day I had usable pockets!

Which did you like best?


mansionmogul said...

A great week of outfits, my fave is the purple blouse/cardigan combo - it's quite fabulous!

Oranges And Apples said...

Hi there, I gave you a little blog award, come pick it up!

I like the leopard print one best!

hillary said...

Thanks ladies!

Oranges.. Thank you so much! I did it earlier this week but I think I might be able to come up with 7 more! I appreciate it!

BAM said...

I really like the miniskirt outfit, b/c its something I would've packed away with summer clothing - bad idea on my part. It looked great.

I also really like the leopard & skirt. I think that might be my fav.

hillary said...

omg someone should of told me the pics uploaded TINY. hahaha let me fix that.

Chelsea said...

my favorites are the short skirt in the first week, and leopard print in the second! I guess I'm right in line with you on that :)

skapamusik said...

I really like the short skirt, you make it work for winter.

Second week, I think it's a tie between the first outfit - because I love the combination of that belted striped cardigan and the details on the top - and the second, leopard is hot.

I'm very impressed, I have to say, that you didn't plan the last three outfits, you can't tell that they happened "in the spur of the moment", so to say.