Thursday, December 10, 2009

We want to live the life of the rich and famous

I had Dave pick the main photo today. This is the one he liked. The one I liked is below. But because my legs look better in it. (I know he is shaking his head right now)

Jacket and Denim trousers with velvet detailing Banana Republic
Turtleneck H&M
Necklace Mark by Avon
Bangles Forever 21
like this one?
Eyeshadow the main color dave made he named it "berry bruise" the darker purple I lined with I made. I didn't name my colors.
This is my fave but is it ok for a mkeup shot? I think sohang me up to dry
gold and black enamel bangles forever 21
I am average height. Short to many but I am average (dammmmit). To the clothing industry I am petite. When you are a deal finder like I am (Everything but bangles and turtleneck were bought on sale) you don't always have the option of buying the petite. As I have mentioned before stores don't actually make everything in a petite AND when they go on sale the petites don't always go on sale. This is infuriating. Ok the point? Well I get to where I am convinced it doesn't matter and buy things in "regulars" and go on with my life. They I get something like this jacket that is actually a petite and it just fits me better and is more flattering. It is subtle, it has a shorter hem, shorter sleeves and button placement is a tish different but it makes me want to kick the clothing industry for not marking all sizes down at the same time and making more petites.

I got the jacket at the enormous Banana Republic in Vegas that had a giant petites section. The one in Boston doesn't even carry petites. Assholes. (I worked there I can say that)

What is your fashion pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve besides wearing leggings as pants is VERY SILLY but it makes my eye twitch. (By sheer coincidence my eye is currently twitching)
You know how when you get a coat, blazer or skirt with a back slit on it there is a little X of string holding it closed?? When people leave those on I want to scream. Those are put on clothes so they stay nice in shipment and are meant to be cut at the store but that doesn't happen anymore except in some nicer stores. But you are not meant to leave it. I mean think about it why would they put a slit then close it?? See exactly. You are meant to cut it off. I had a coworker and for the two years I worked with her all her coats had them. I told her one day but she still didn't cut it. She would wear these little blazers and the back would be all puckered over her but because she didn't cut the damn thing.

OHOH another one? When people leave the tags on their wool dress coats or suits. That little fabric label on the wrist? The one only gently tacked down because its meant to be CUT OFF. yeah those. I see young men on the T in a nice suit going to an interview with them. GAH.

This comes up because I know my husband's biggest pet peeve (besides leggings as pants) is when you get tags on the waist band of pants and when you take the tag off and there are two little stitches left in a contrasting color. Well I never cut those off because NO ONE SEES MY WAIST I always cover my waist band up. He gets all huffy when he irons my pants and sees them on there and lectures me. I should know better especially since I have such a similar pet peeve. ha!


Becky said...

OMG the vent "x" strings drive me NUTS, too! I see people with them on their coats, and even worse, on skirts with kick pleats! People are idiots. We're geniuses, obviously. :)

david said...

Pajamas outside of the home. Your seafoam flannel pajama pants with the dolphins on them? Not meant for me to see you in them while I'm picking out groceries. Rule #1: if you wear an item of clothing in bed I shouldn't see you in it (unless I know you). Rule #2: if you wear an item out in the dirty dirty world and get them all grungy and T-stained you should not get into your bed.

Oh, and uggs.

C Lo said...

That thing with the Xs on pleats bugs the bejeezus out of me too. I want to walk up to people and just cut the thread out for them.

My other pet peeve is when women wear crossover shirts that are meant to cross under their bust and they let it ride across their boob or, worse, OVER their boob. Similarly, when women with larger boobs wear babydoll or empire waist tunics and they have the seam OVER their boobs rather than under it.

C Lo said...

Oh and you look amazing today. Did I tell you I bought my first pair of denim trousers because of you. And I'm wearing them right now!!!!

Chelsea said...

You look just ridiculously snazzy in this ensemble! The necklace is the perfect big accessory, and that jacket is glorious!

Socks and sandals is a fashion pet peeve of mine. Even now when socks with peep toes is kinda in, I just cringe a little bit when I see it. Okay a lot.

MindLess said...

OMG, I can sooooo relate to your pet peeves! Sometimes I can't stand the urge and tell the people about their mistake... Usually if its guys in my age because I just think that they don't know better.

I'm such a bad person... *die*

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Love the outfit and the short-sleeve jacket.

My fashion pet peeves:
Wearing peep toe anything without tights in inclement weather or wearing flats without tights or socks in 10 degree weather. Aren't your feet cold?

Pleated uniform skirts. I wish, wish, wish schools would not require pleated uniform skirts because they don't flatter girls with big butts. When they wear their knapsacks, it raises the hem of the skirt and all you can see is the "underall" smile. *shakes head*

Sal said...

Puffed blazer sleeves over slim black sleeves = brilliant.

White bras under white shirts are my pet peeve. There is a nude shade for every skin tone, gals.

Kelly said...

Your legs look a mile long in both pictures...woo woo!

My pet peeve is when people wear a bra that doesn't fit. I don't think that's news because I talk about it now and again on my blog ;-) but seriously, if I can look at you and immediately tell that your bra doesn't fit, it's pretty bad. I once went to a concert and saw a girl with the band almost up to her shoulders in the back. It is uncomfortable just to look at! I want to run up and enlighten people but hey, that's creepy.

C Lo - AHHHHH I hate that. If your boobs don't fit then DON'T WEAR IT.

BAM said...

C Lo is right! It looks terrible when the crossover tops aren't in the right on someone.

I don't mind leggings, unless I can see your butt. Please don't show me your butt.

Sandals are fine, but plastic flipflops at the office. I really don't like it. A coworker does it all the time and I swear others treat her unprofessionally for that reason. How can you take someone seriously in plastic flipflops?

I saw your post about knots before this one - but your hair looks fantastic in the photos. Sorry it's giving you trouble!

hillary said...

You guys are killing me your so dead on I love it.

Brooklyn dave and I call that "the shelf"

I saw a girl yesterday and from a distance I thought OMG pleated mini skirt and white knee socks. I thought it looked so trampy. I got up close and realized it was an overweight 10 or 12 year old in her school uniform. TRE SAD!

hillary said...

Backy that is EXACTLY the reason I don't like it. I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR BUTT if you cover it then that is fine!

Nicola said...

I've been a lurker on your blog for such a long time but felt I had to comment because I agree so much about the vent stitching issue. Also people who leave price stickers on the soles of their shoes so you can see them if you walk along behind them! I really enjoy your blog and find it very inspiring!

Lisa said...

UGGS! I detest Uggs.

What is even worse is my students wear baggy sweatpants and tuck them into their uggs so they balloon out.


I'm also not a fan of leggings as pants, but Uggs rank higher for me.

Lorena said...

I am annoyed and amazed at people not having mirrors at home and walking out in white pants and having all their cellulite show... the same with g strings...i personally think that g strings are uncomfortable and are not meant to be seen. UFF!