Monday, December 07, 2009

Wow I sure talk a lot today.

Turtleneck and sweater Target
Scarf Banana Republic
High waist widel eg jeans H&M These pants are so long I am wearing 4.5 inch heels. SERIOUSLY.
1970's recreationish clogs Nine West Vintage America Collection I got them for 93.75% off!! I paid $4.95
Earrings H&M
Bangles Forever 21
Ring Art fair

Now I am NOT a fan of light denim. I dislike it on most people. I tell myself these are the exception because
1. They actually fit me.
2. They are high waist in a flattering way.
3. They are very vintage cut.

I had actually bought 3 pairs of these exact pants (scratch that 4. I sent one pair to my mom who also LOVED them) I had intended on dyeing them. But then I remembered I don't have anywhere to do it! So they have languished in my drawer and the dye in my cabinet for a year. Here they are in their high waist glory about April 2008
howdy pahtnah. 3.28.08
Sweater detail Before you ask the S is for my last name. Also my mom is named Sue. They NEVER have H's. So I usually get S or D.
Makeup, hair and earrings
used this oen
gold and black enamel bangles forever 21
SHOESSSSS Now I am not one to follow trends. If I like a trend then yeah I am all for it. And when that trend validates something I already love well then I indulge while the getting is good! Clogs are one of those thing. I have a ugly shoe problem. I adore danskos but have not been wearing them since someone said something REALLY HORRIFIC to me about them on my blog. I gotta be honest I don't know why I didn't delete it. Maybe because I am better than that and didn't want them to know they got to me. (they did, I blocked their IP address too!) But Chanel had clogs at their latest runway shows, so that means everyone and their cousin is making clogs. YEAH! My mom was BIG into clogs when I was growing up. She is a product of being a teen in the 70's.
red leather clogs vintage america nine west
new scarf
I know you are sitting there thinking. My, I would love to see a close up of that eye make up.
(Click to enlarge)

This is one of the colors we made yesterday. Dave made this particular shade and he named it
"Midnight Rendezvous". My skin looks insanely clear here but I can assure you it is really good primer and concealer. Does anyone want a review of my new primer? Do people like the reviews. I was getting a lot of people asking for me to do more but then they tend to get the least hits. I don't want to waste my time on them if no one is interested. Know what I mean?

What did you do this weekend?
We went for Thai, tried to hunt down Forever 21's French collection, had gluten free Chinese, Got 3 desserts each at Finale, made makeup and watched a bad movie.


chunkstyle said...

I f***ing love clogs, bought my first pair of Danskos in D.C. and have worn them out. I have a nice high-heel collection, but Boston has left them in shambles that I can't afford to repair. Clogs = Tough Love.

C Lo said...


Also, the exact same Danskos.

C said...

WOW. I can't believe someone actually said that. And of course "anonymously" I do have a question though: As a blogger do you want people to comment on your outfits critically? Like maybe suggest a higher shoe or a different style skirt etc? I always wonder when I read these blogs. I'm sure there is a nice, positive way to do so.

ps. no I don't have a blog and I have thought about it and if I did I *might* want helpful suggestions. *might* just curious as to your thoughts.

hillary said...

C honestly no. I share my life and outfits and such to just that, share. If I want advice I will ask for it. I do often ask for advice though, almost daily. But as I have said often in previous posts (I can link you of necessary) I do not like unsolicited advice. It isn't polite and I try to be.
This blog was started as a way to share with my mom across country not to seek out if people think I need higher shoes.

Jess said...

I would love to know what primer you're using. I have insanely sensitive skin so I always like to hear about real people's experiences with products before I try them out myself, and I don't necessarily trust faceless reviews on, you know?

Clogs are cute, I don't care what people say. Rock 'em, especially for such an INSANE deal!!!

Heather said...

anonymous posters suck. cowardly.

husbands who help make awesome eyeshadows and then name them romantically do not suck. not at all.

I'm surprised that your review posts get the least hits. I like them - I think you are fair and talk about the products giving full information about them. Useful.

Heather said...

also - I love that scarf.

BAM said...

sign me up for the Primer Review Post. I've been using the Avon Magix stuff...I like it, but I think there is probably better stuff out there.


treesaw said...

Lookin' good there missy!

I too would like a primer review. I've been thinking about adding one to my products but have no idea which one to get.

Chelsea said...

ooooh LOVING those jeans especially with the stripes! I don't normally try on lighter denim, but they really are a nice break from dark blue. you look just fabulous today, missy!

I'm kind of reeling from that comment (you linked to) some a-hole left you... do you still accept anonymous comments? When I set up my blog I just kinda haphazardly disallowed anonymous comments, and now I'm very glad! What an ugly thing to say, and silly really because what's wrong with looking like a raging lesbian?? I may be biased, being a big homo myself, but please. What a d-head.

Clare said...

I really love this outfit. It seems so French. The clogs, the neck-scarf...the whole thing is just perfect!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Would love a primer review, and love the eye color and oh my coveting the scarf.
The clogs too!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

C said...

Thanks for answering, I'm sure you have referenced a preference before but I had forgotten. Opps!

Kelly said...

I love your new makeup. I love your scarf. I want your sweater! ahhhh! Is it recent by any chance?

As for reviews...well, I like them when it's something I don't have a favorite product of yet because it really helps to have someone not paid to talk about something tell me what they thought. But if it's something I'm not looking to buy anytime soon (like primer) I tend not to read them.

hillary said...

The sweater is 7 years old. It came with ugly attached cuffs and collar and I snipped them off years ago.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

As Clare said, you do look very French in your outfit. I love the look and especially the scarf. I was quite surprised at the full print. :-)

That was a horrible mean comment that a-hole said. You should have deleted it. As my hubby says, don't feed the energy monster!

Finally, I do like beauty reviews. It doesn't have to be regularly but if there's a product that is exceptionally good that you want to brag about or an exceptionally bad product you want to warn us about, please review.

In short, tell me about the primer. :-)

Lorena said...

Love the jeans...
Adore the striped shirt and scarf !!!!!