Tuesday, December 01, 2009

They make it very clear they got no room for ravers.

Pants Ann Taylor
Silk shirt Ann Taylor (it has a big asymmetrical ruffle and collar but its tacked down under cardi)
Cardi and Belt Target
Shoes Cole Haan (fun similar ones can be found here)
Bangles both sets gift
Ring Art fair
Earrings QVC Heidi Klum
dis?IMG_6466red cole haan heels
I found pants I like! I hate 95% of pants on me. I have size 6 waist and 8/10 bum and 10+ thighs ( I tried to explain that without actual numbers because that annoys me but I was confusing myself) That is why I wear mostly widelegs even though they are never "wide" on my thighs because it is all that accommodates my shape. I have absolutely no hips too so when the waist is big I am constantly pulling on them. (shush with your belt talk. I HATE BELTS even my invisibelt, pinches my chi). That is all thigh baby. My body dips in where my hips should be. I have doctors comment on my lack of them.

I got these pants from Ann Taylor this past weekend. They were $110 pants and they were on sale and they were having a 40% off sale so I paid $24 bucks for them. I should of bought a back up pair because fit is such a nightmare so I end up wearing tights and a skirt most the time and I HATE TIGHTS.
keep this
So here is a fun question for you.

If your personality was a color what color would it be and why?

My husband asked me this about himself last night in prep for a big meeting he has today that will decide his entire future in Architecture and if he can continue in his program.
I said Navy. Because it is timeless, reliable and sophisticated.

Now for me? Hot pink. A bit jarring and bright and not for every, but after you get to know it and get over the shock you end up loving it.

Bonus question. I am HEAVILY channeling another blogger here. If you guess right I will put your names in a hat and give you a prize. (small and custom prize)


Heather said...

Love this outfit. Very elegant. Best wishes to the hubby on the meeting today.

I like your answer for navy and it describing your husband. At first my instinct was to say that bright cherry red describes me because it is sexy and interesting. But I think navy also describes me - elegant and classic. (anyway that is the me I like to think of myself - who knows what other people think!!)

Sal said...

What a gorgeous ruffled neckline. And I am not one for ruffles.

The pants look fantastic! Maybe worth grabbing another pair at full price?

hillary said...

It is totally asymmetrical that's why you can tolerate it. :)

If I could afford another pair I would. $1200 in vet bills the past month though or 3 entire weeks of my take home pay. gah.

ShopKim said...

You look wonderful! I really love the combo of striped cardi with ruffled neckline. For the color thing, I really don't know. Might need to give that some more though. My first reaction would be some kind of non-navy blue. Still classic in that it's blue, but sometimes unexpected because of it's different shade.

As for the channeled blogger, I'm going with Kimberly because of the wide leg pants, cardi over blouse and belted. Oh, and of course the interesting shoes!

hillary said...

Kim. nope sorry.

treesaw said...

Ooh, Miss M, this is very nice. Very svelte! I have troubles with pants too for similar reasons. Might have to scope out Anne Taylor when I'm in Syracuse this weekend.

I think I would be yellow.

I would have guessed Kimberley too. I'm stumped!

hillary said...

Hint the channeling has nothing to do with the pants. Ive worn wide leg pants for years as they are the only ones that look good.

Chelsea said...

oooh I am loving the colors you've got going on... I would never have thought to set off dark purple with a red pop, and I must say I love it!

and that cardi is TO DIE for. as is the belt. I love Tarjais!

If I was a color I'd be fuscia: bright, cheery, and always in fashion :)

And I wish I knew who you were channeling!

Kayla said...

I love this look on you! That shirt is amazing. You seem to be channeling chloe from the chloe conspiracy. Its got to be the ruffles!

BAM said...

oh, I'm not sure who you're channeling - but I'm guessing that it involves the color question...hmmm..acedemic chic?

Not sure what color I am..light pink is what I'm feeling today.

hillary said...

How about I tell you at 8 pm so it gives people a little more time?

Lisa said...

Great outfit! I always love pants from Ann Taylor, I got a great pair of wide leg jeans there that tragically got misplaced in my moving shuffle, I've never found another pair as good.

My color would be green, because it's the only color that can be both warm and cool.

Beatrice said...

Great outfit, nice pop of red from the shoes!

Last weekend I too wore my Target belt backwards. I love the buckle, but I also love to emphasize the braiding detail of the belt.

Erin said...

I guess Love Puppy/WIW- your poses look like hers!

I love the ruffles and stripes!

hillary said...

Me doing the same pose 3 years ago.

Clare said...

Love the backwards belt! I have it in brown, and I'm psyched to try it this way.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the ruffles and bangs.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kayla said...


anna said...

oooh girl I am slow on the uptake and missed the contest, but I don't even care cause I get to look at this incredible look you got goin' on! Holy hell that is a great look on you, and your up close bangs/face shot is just so serenely pretty!

Now, I wouldn't have been able to guess the blogger you are channeling cause I am limited in my fashion blog exposure, but if it hadn't been a blogger, i woulda guess the fantastically fabulous Mrs. O, cause she is rockin that belted cardi-ruffled blouse look ALMOST as good as you!

Becky said...

Those pants fit you like a dream, doll! I also have the same thing with my body shape/size correlation going on...sadly, even though I've lost 5 inches from my waist (and begrudgingly NOT from my abdomen) I'm only one size smaller. And my thighs? They only get angrier when I work out. They don't jiggle as much, but damn...they get BIG. They were FEARSOME to behold when I was a swimmer.

Lorena said...

what a great set!!!! love everything that you are wearing....
If I were a color, it would probably be black or beige.